Meet Triathlete Dorothy Stromdahl – Fuel Your Better College Campaign!

June 7, 2014 -
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Hi all! Now that you’ve met my Fuel Your Better College Triathlete friends Olivia, Adam, & Shannon – today I want to introduce you to Dorothy! Her story is super inspiring & I’m so glad I got to meet her throughout this Campaign!

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1. Tell me about you! What’s your story?

I’m a dual major in Resort, Recreation, and Hospitality Management and Professional Studies from Titusville, PA. I plan on pursuing a career in campus recreation and staying active in the health and wellness field. I love spending time with my family and friends, staying active, and working hard.

Dorothy VEGA

2. What got you into athletics?

I have been involved in athletics from a very small age when I wanted to do everything my brother did. I developed a love for the competitiveness and dedication, and continued into high school where I played soccer, basketball, and threw javelin on the track team.

3. What got you into triathlons?

After gaining weight my freshman year of college my friend and I worked to get back into workout routine and saw a posting for a local sprint triathlon the end of that summer. We decided to make that our motivation for getting up to workout every morning and work to finish it. After completing I caught the bug and wanted to do more and more. I’ve done two Olympic, one sprint, one mini, and one indoor triathlon.

4. What is your favorite way to train?

I like my bike training days that typically in the winter take place in a spin class.

5. Any exercise tips for a newbie triathlete looking to start training?

Just start out with a sprint triathlon. Don’t psych yourself out with all the scientific triathlon articles, just work out get a consistent schedule with each the swim, bike, run, and just go out and do it. Don’t get scientific with your workouts, just get out push yourself, and you’ll be surprised what you can do.


6. What was your initial reaction when VEGA and Kasey wanted to help out the club with products?

I wasn’t sure what VEGA was at first because I missed the initial meeting when Kasey came to speak to our group, but once I got all the information I was very excited.

7. What was your initial thought of the product line and features?


I loved the fact that it’s all plant based, and I knew exactly what I was putting in my body.

8. What was your favorite product and why?

My favorite product was the VEGA Sport Performance Protein Powder because I really liked the taste! I could also mix it with anything and it still tasted great.

9. Please explain another top product of yours.

The VEGA Endurance Gel was my second favorite product as it saved me during long training days and during the Pittsburgh Full Marathon. It actually has substance to it so it gave me a boost as well as filled me up.

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10. What do you think is an important product to have, especially while being in college and training.

I think the VEGA Electrolyte Hydrator mix is definitely a great product to have whether you’re training for an Ironman or studying for that 8am exam. It tastes good and boosts energy without feeling sick from the sugar.

11. What is a tip for a reader on how to balance college life and training?

Get used to getting up early. The best way to do it is get up and get your workout in first thing. It energizes the rest of your day and gets you in a routine, and there are no excuses because there aren’t any 6am classes (with a few exceptions).


12. What does #fuelyourbetter mean to you?

#fuelyourbetter to me means fueling your body with the best and giving your body the opportunity to reach its full potential by giving it the vitamins and minerals it needs.

13. What does #betruetoyou mean to you?

#betruetoyou to me means staying true to what your body is meant to do and pushing yourself to succeed in your goals by not comparing yourself to others. If the local 5K fulfills your needs don’t kill yourself training for a marathon. Push yourself, but don’t over do it.

14. Why do you think it’s important to fuel your body?

Fueling your body is the most important thing to being successful in any endeavor in life. It gives you energy for everything you do and without it you can’t ace that exam let alone complete a full training session.

15. Anything else you’d like to add?

I really appreciate everything VEGA has done for us. It made the triathlon experience even better, and it gave me a boost in confidence for my first full marathon in Pittsburgh on May 4th. Thank you for all your significant contributions and I look forward to seeing how we can continue helping in the future.


You rock, Dorothy! Thank you for being a part of this campaign & thank you VEGA for the constant support.

Happy Saturday & be true to you,

xo Kasey




Speaking of VEGA – Join myself, Heather, & Katie for a LIVE Q&A this Wednesday, June 11th at 8pm EST about the first annual Glow Retreat this summer! (the link will be on our blogs the day of so you can watch!) We will be answering all of your questions & we’d love to see you there!