Looking For Quality At-Home Fitness Equipment? Check Out Matrix Fitness!

December 1, 2016 -
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Hi friends! Today I’m excited to bring to you some information about a new line of at home fitness equipment from my friends at Matrix Fitness.

I’ve partnered up with FitFluential & Matrix Fitness to share about some of their newest residential luxury line of treadmills & elliptical machines. 


I train many at-home clients throughout the week who are always looking to fit in a quick and efficient workout. On days they are not training with me, I always recommend they do some type of cardiovascular activity & body weight strength moves on their own until I’m with them again.


Something like the Sprint 8 training program built in to the Matrix Fitness equipment can take your HIIT training to the next level, shorten your workouts, & increase your fitness or jump on their E30 Elliptical for an interval training workout.

About Matrix Fitness

Matrix Fitness is the fastest growing commercial fitness equipment brand who just launched their Home Fitness line of machines from quality luxury treadmills to elliptical machines for the ultimate home gym.

These machines have all the best technology and bells and whistles for the best possible at home gym experience.


Matrix Fitness believes that if users are entertained while they are working out they are more likely to stick with it and achieve their goals from truly enjoying their workout.

Matrix has a few cool additions of technology that you can experience based on the piece of equipment you choose such as:

  1. The ViaFit connectivity system sends your home workouts to the fitness apps and tools you already use and shares them with the communities where you already belong.
  2. You can bring an immersive workout experience to your home with high-definition destination footage displayed on your machine’s large touchscreen console and synced to the speed and intensity of your workout. Consoles come preloaded with two destination courses: Northern Rockies and the American Northeast.
  3. Exact Force Induction Brake offers instant, smooth, precise resistance changes at the push of a button.
  4. The unique suspension elliptical design with PerfectStride® motion eliminates surges and dead spots so you move more smoothly.
  5. Exclusive wheel-free Suspension Elliptical Technology reduces noise and friction for long-lasting quality while providing a smooth, consistent feel through the training.

Matrix Fitness also has a line of Recumbent & Exercise Bikes if you’re looking for comfortable pedal-powered workouts.


In conclusion, if you’re looking for an awesome in-home workout with a Club-Quality piece of equipment – I recommend checking out Matrix Fitness for their high quality products.

Have an awesome day & be true to you,

xo Kasey



This post is sponsored by Matrix Fitness. All opinions are my own as always! #betruetoyou

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