Why Massage Can Enhance Your Fitness Routine + Massage Envy [GIVEAWAY!]

November 6, 2015 -
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Happy Friday, all!

If you’re like me — I always would associate massages with a “treat” but in all seriousness, massages do so much GOOD for our bodies that it should be part of a normal routine.


I’ve partnered up with Massage Envy to not only share the benefits of adding massages to your fitness routines, but to also offer a lucky winner from the greater Pittsburgh area (including Erie, PA & Morgantown, WV) a FREE HOUR MASSAGE! 

Yes I said it.


Massage is super beneficial when it comes to increasing range of motion in joints, reducing fatigue, improving endurance and preventing injuries.

“Massage is paramount to the sports medicine formula,” says Scott Weiss, a licensed physical therapist and board-certified athletic trainer who treated the U.S. sailing team at the 2012 Olympics in London. “But don’t just go and get any massage. Talk to the therapist and select the right one for your activity and training schedule.”


I have to tell you, that whenever I visited Massage Envy while I was home a few weeks ago, they truly take the time to sit with you & talk about your trigger points, where you’re tight, what you do as far as training or if you have an injury that needs help.

It’s nice to have this kind of attention to really get the most out of your massage and that they can customize it to you and your lifestyle.

Massage Envy offers a number of massage styles to fit your unique exercise routine, from a post-workout Swedish massage to a post-competition hot stone massage.

Listed below is information & tips on how to choose your perfect massage:

Schedule: Swedish massage
After an intense workout, massage can help you recover faster. “You won’t get that muscle hangover,” Weiss says. “Think of massage as a muscle flush. When you work out, your muscle fibers get engulfed. Massage helps work that out, reducing soreness.”

Schedule: Sports massage
Right before a big race or game, you probably will taper off your training to allow your body to be fully rested. This is the best time to get a sports massage. “A sports massage is all about loosening muscles up and getting them limber,” Weiss says. But there are different types of sports massages. For instance, a bodybuilder might need a very different type of sports massage than a marathoner. Be sure to tell your therapist about your competition so he or she can tailor the massage to your needs.

Schedule: Hot stone massage
After the event is over-nice medal, by the way-you should be all about relaxing. Hot stone massage isn’t just the ultimate reward for a job well done. It also offers deep relaxation, pain relief and enhanced range of motion.

Schedule: Deep tissue massage
First know that massage should not be used as immediate treatment for a sports injury. If you are injured beyond typical muscle soreness, see your doctor right away. But once you’re on the road to recovery, deep tissue massage can help you heal faster. And it can help with chronic pain. It has also been found to reduce stress and improve mood, which may be necessary after an injury.

Massage Envy is offering 1 lucky winner from the Greater Pittsburgh Area (including Erie, PA & Morgantown, WV) a free hour massage at your local Massage Envy.


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This giveaway is open Greater Pittsburgh Area only (including Erie, PA & Morgantown, WV) until Tuesday November 10th, at midnight.

Thank you Massage Envy!

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