Toffee Crunch PB? Yes please! [Lucky Vitamin Haul]

October 10, 2016 -
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Happy Monday, friends!

This year I became a member of the Lucky Vitamin Family! For those that don’t know what Lucky Vitamin is — it’s basically a website FILLED with quality products at great prices.

It’s basically a website full of some of my top products and LV makes it super easy to have them right at your door. If you know me by now, you know I love trying new things so I can give you all my honest opinion on them. So without further delay…

What’s in the haul?

  • Orgain Organic Protein Bars — these were new to me and I definitely liked the texture. I thought the s’mores one would be my favorite but to be honest…it wasn’t. My favorite ended up being the Peanut Butter! I guess I was expecting more “S’mores” but the Peanut Butter definitely gave me the PB flavor I was looking for!


  • Nuts N More – I absolute love Toffee Crunch Nuts n’ More PB and it was also in my last haul because just that…I just can’t get enough. SO good!
  • EO Spray Deodorant – I love the smell of these and also the refreshing feeling it gives once it dries. I’m a fan and take them with me on the go!
  • PUR Gum – for being an “all natural” gum, this stuff is my go to! It keeps it’s flavor and tastes good too.
  • Aloe Mix n Go – I came across these sticks at the Expo West convention and have been searching for them since! I’m a huge fan of aloe and the way it helps with digestion/regularity so I grabbed a few boxes of the sticks to take with me on the go. The flavors are great and you can definitely still get a hint of aloe with them.
  • Everyone Lotion – Corey and I love these and tend to fight over the bottles if we like the smell, ha! I tried a new one this haul with the Mint & Coconut and they truly don’t disappoint — PLUS they are under $8.00 on the LuckyVitamin Website! Deal for sure.

You can find all of these goodies on Lucky Vitamin! Keep an eye out for another haul from LV and I’ll keep you posted on some new sure to be “favorites“! ;]

You can check out all of the recent DEALS & promos [here] on LuckyVitamin.

I’m off to the gym with the husband — have an awesome day & be true to you,

xo Kasey


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3 responses to “Toffee Crunch PB? Yes please! [Lucky Vitamin Haul]”

  1. Wilma says:

    It’s always a pleasure to hear from someone with exiestpre.

  2. Tu sais qu’ils existent des psy spécialisés dans la gêne. Bon faut que tu sois près à en suer un coup parce qu’ils te donnent quelques petits devoirs mais ça vaut le coup

  3. My husband and I are headed to Disney Workd for a special Food & Wine week starting next Saturday. All of the dessert commentary is nice and appreciated – but I have need to know where one can get their hands on the best andouille sausage?!

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