Lucky Vitamin Haul – New Ambassador & Snacks To Try!

April 5, 2016 -
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Hey all! Hope you’re having a great Tuesday!

Today I’m excited to share that I am a new member of the Lucky Vitamin Family! For those that don’t know what Lucky Vitamin is — it’s basically a website FILLED with quality products & great prices.

File_002 (1) I’ve been a fan of Lucky Vitamin over the years…finding things on the site like organic coffee & peanut flour to restock my pantry.File_000 (1)

I often get asked where I get certain ingredients for my recipes and websites like this are my go to. With a busy schedule sometimes it’s just easier to order your haul online and have it delivered right to your doorstep.

File_001 (1)

What’s In The Box?

  1. RXBAR 

I was really excited to try these after seeing the ingredients list. I like bars that are more “earthy” and true to the ingredients so these were a thumbs up from me!

2. Julian Bakery Paleo Bar

Very similar to a Quest or B Up Bar with the macros — these Julian Bakery Paleo Protein bars have 20g of protein & a more “dense” consistency. I like them for not only their flavor variety (Glazed Donut!? YES!) but how they are made from egg white protein powder so anyone who can’t do dairy — these may be your new go to!

3. Organic Puroast Coffee — whenever I make coffee at my apartment I tend to lead towards organic varieties.  This Puroast Organic Low Acid Coffee House Blend gives you the great, full bodied taste with organic coffee beans that provide symptom relief with consumers who have heartburn, acid reflux, and other digestive health issues. Now, I don’t think I have symptoms from drinking coffee but this coffee WAS super smooth & not bitter. Loved it!

[Insert all of the protein nut butters here…but for real.]

4. Toffee Crunch Nuts n’ More — one of my FAVORITE nut butters ever. Not only do these pack whey protein but they also taste amazing. Toffee Crunch gets 2 thumbs up from me!

5. White Chocolate P28 Protein Peanut Butter — another favorite of mine! I told you I love this stuff ;] This white chocolate flavor is so good and the peanut butter is super creamy.

6. BuffBake Cookie Almond Butter — this was my first time trying this out and I have to say, I’d probably choose a peanut butter over an almond butter (am I weird for liking just plain almond butter?) but it wasn’t bad! It’s a chocolate base with added cocoa so if chocolate almond butter is your thang then you will definitely like this! I like switching up my nut butters in my oats each morning so having this as an option is definitely not a bad thing.

7. Lily’s Chocolate Chips – another..can you guess it…”FAVORITE” of mine! Hey, it’s the foodie in me. These are stevia sweetened chocolate chips (genius!). They taste just like regular chocolate chips and I love using them in baking or just straight out of the bag…just saying.

8. Lenny & Larry Cookies — seriously all of these flavors are BOMB. I keep mine in the fridge because I like them cold so I highly recommend doing that ;]


You can find all of these goodies on Lucky Vitamin! Keep an eye out for another haul from LV and I’ll keep you posted on some new sure to be “favorites“! ;]

You can check out all of the recent DEALS [here]!

Be true to you,

xo Kasey


What are your favorites to order online? 


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  1. Cassie says:

    Wow, all of these treats look stupendous! I tried the Lenny & Larry’s cookie too–ADDICTED.

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