Let’s chat about ice cream…

April 1, 2014 -
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Good morning everyone! How’s the week going for you?

Remember that Fruit & Red Wine Balsamic Reduction that papacakes made the other day for dinner? I also think that of you take out the garlic it would go great over ice cream!

And speaking of ice cream – that’s actually what I want to chat about today. Yup, ice cream is our topic of convo today.

After dinner on Sunday night, we all had a craving for dessert & headed to Brusters!

Fun fact: I actually worked at Brusters for 6 years throughout high school & college … Therefore I’ve tasted all of the flavors and I always come back to my favorite…butter pecan topped with whipped cream.

My mom & sister-in-law looked at me whenever I said I was going with them and both said what a change it’s been since I’ve just allowed myself to enjoy things like this more.

For too long I used to restrict myself of enjoying some ice cream because I used to put certain rules on myself to eat a certain way. Truth is, it was always a much deeper issue than ice cream.

Ice cream, or food in general, was that thing I could “control” as a way to cope with other feelings. I made it a goal over a year ago to really take time to focus on the deeper issues and not beat myself up over not having a “perfect diet”. Because I think finding a balance that works for YOU is important.

Maybe you’re not an ice cream fan, which is totally fine!

My hope with posting this is just to bring to light that we all deal with different things in different ways. I do think that eating to nourish is totally awesome & our bodies need the nutrients – but there are sometimes when that gets taken to an extreme where it starts to disrupt your everyday living & thoughts as if you’re not good enough or won’t look a certain way if you don’t eat a certain way … which is personally what I went through.

Be true to you and work to find a balance for you that let’s you enjoy all types of foods in a moderation that again, works for YOU.

I’m passionate to help others to find more #bodypeace within themselves, which is something I also work on every day. We’re all human!

There is no one size fits all approach to life and I think that’s pretty awesome. We’re all unique, have different digestive systems, and sometimes just need to work on living in the moment, taking a deep breath, realizing that having balance with all things, not just food, is a great step towards a happier YOU.

I hope if you’re struggling or just find that you’d like to have some more balance, that you take some time today and everyday to just reflect on the areas you’d like to work on within yourself & allow yourself to do so.

Have a good one guys!! If you ever need someone to chat to or advice feel free to email me kasey@powercakes.net.

Be true to you,

Xo Kasey


On the note of ice cream – do you have a favorite flavor? I wasn’t a big fan of butter pecan as a child but as I grew up I love that salty and sweet combo! YUM.

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10 responses to “Let’s chat about ice cream…”

  1. Meredith says:

    Thank you Casey! i needed this! I have used food to deal with my emotions for a long time. I know I’m just hurting myself but I always fall back into old habits. Your post and knowing the progress you’ve made is inspirational to me. Thank you!!

  2. Ice cream is drugs to me. It’s something I do not do. Unless, I want to wake up in the hospital with tubes in my throat.

    Yes, scary visual, tis true though. Tis true.

    You cannot see me right now but… I am giving the finger to all ice cream!

  3. Jennifer says:

    AMEN Kasey!!! I absolutely love when you post stuff like this! I’ve been battling the same struggles forever but like you have learned to incorporate a lot more “food happiness” into my life and not worry about it. It’s important to listen to our bodies and honestly I owe this thought in my head to you! You have been such a help and inspiration to me during this time. Although I wouldn’t say I’m fully mentally healed when it comes to food I’m absolutely on a road to a healthier mindset one day at a time!

    I may just have to go have some frozen yogurt after work now!

  4. I have a Bruster’s around me, and I used to LOVE going there! However, once I started eating better, I completely restricted that from my diet. This summer I am challenging myself to remain in-tune with my cravings and satisfy them- ice cream and all. 🙂

  5. Thank you for posting this! I didn’t even know Bruester’s was a national chain, I thought it was just here 🙂 I’m beginning my journey toward easing restriction. It had overtaken me for a while recently and I just want to be like how i used to. Carefree, didn’t over analyze every bite or food.

  6. Cat says:

    Ahh so good to read a post like this! I do enjoy ice cream occasionally, but I always put it in the ‘bad food’ category – I’m working on not seeing food in such black n white terms, and embrace it whether it’s a ‘good for my body’ or ‘good for my soul’ food!

  7. Purelytwins says:

    chocolate mint ice cream all the way or espresso yum

  8. Sara says:

    Sometimes I feel like youre inside my head when you post this stuff. I dealt with it just last night! I’m really working on trying not to beat myself up when I dont eat something “clean” or “good” for my training. I’m trying to learn that I can have fun and moderation while working my ass off as well. Its a slow process and I never really got what people meant by it until recently. Anyway, thanks for being you and letting us be us 🙂

  9. Nice Post!I love ice creams.Thanks for sharing.

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