I moved! Bittersweet, Passion, & New Adventures!

June 4, 2015 -
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Whelp, it’s official – I moved!


Corey and I mutually decided after 3 years of a long distance relationship to take on the adventure of living together in a new state where he works.

I have more of a flexible job that I could make the leap & together we decided it would be best for our relationship. With that being said, also came along with the hard part which is saying “see you later” to a place I’ve lived my whole life.


{my mamacakes}

Whenever I was younger and I battled through my first episode of anxiety – moving was what caused those feelings of “control” to act up and send me down a spiral of anxiety of at the age of 11. That is what also lead me to my first eating disorder since food was something I looked at to control. Now, 15 years later – I am a completely new person and can truly say that I have a great hold on my anxiety.


With this move – it felt nothing like my first one as in it was such an easy and amazing feeling to be taking a big step forward in life. Having all of my family, friends, & Corey’s support really meant a lot to me as well to make the transition that much easier.


{my best friend Sarah}

The hardest part for me is stepping back from my clients, athletes, family, & friends who I’ve known for years. Again, they supported me with this transition and I couldn’t be more thankful!

You know, 3 years ago whenever I decided to start my own business – I knew I loved fitness and sharing about fuel – but I didn’t realize how amazing moments through all of that could really be. Being a trainer is such a rewarding experience since you get to see your clients, who put their trust in you, make so much progress not only physically but also mentally.

That’s also what led me to start True To You Fitness & KaseyArena.com!

IMG_8289 (1)

Training led me to Strength & Conditioning where I truly truly found my passion in the fitness industry.

Having 17 years of soccer experience and 8 years of Track & Field (with some dance thrown in there when I was younger), it’s safe to say that I’ve been an athlete my whole life. I love the commitment, hard work, dedication, & mind-set that it takes to be an athlete.


{my strong girls rockin’ their UA headbands on my last day}

Over a year and half ago I had the opportunity from my friend Kelly (and owner of the PA Tennis Academy) to train her athletes in her Elite Tennis Program.


I remember whenever she asked me and I instantly thought…me? You want me?

All of these excited emotions ran through me as I was about to embark on a whole new journey that would truly change my life & career.


These kids have truly turned into family.

I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Health & Physical Education where I found my love for teaching and then moved forward to become a trainer where I found my love for fitness/coaching. Now was a chance to combine these two passions, work with athletes, & truly feel in the driver’s seat when it comes to having people trust me with their programming.

Now, I had zero tennis background (unless you count a class I took in college where we did a unit on tennis) so my first instinct was to dive head first into everything I could learn about the way tennis players moved, how the pro’s trained, & read up on any and everything that had to do with tennis before I started with the kids that next week.


I came into my first day confident that I could truly make a difference with these athletes, on & off the court, and from that day forward, I didn’t look back.


I was a Coach & I was rooted in this passion to help athletes get to that next level and truly realize their potential and strength while also incorporating life lessons in the mix (cause you know me, I love my words like “fuel your body” and “bodypeace”.


{sneak peek into using the Core Hammer from MostFit with my girl Maddy}

Especially with working with mostly highschool age girls (and boys!) where body image & social media pressure are a huge factor in a girls confidence.

It became known that whenever they would speak poorly about their body, put themselves down, or call themselves names – they instantly owed me some type of burpee and also an apology to themselves for what they said.


This pattern became aware to them and honestly helped them stop being so hard on themselves as they knew I believed they were strong, beautiful, & hard-working athletes.

It’s truly amazing when passions can come together and create an awareness that you didn’t initially plan on.

These kids pushed themselves day in & day out – some showing up for both of my sessions per day to practice new skills, show me how many push ups they could do, or how many of them got their first “double under” with a jump rope.


It’s safe to say that after a year and a half of being their trainer – I am such a proud coach.

Saying see you later to these kids caused for a few nights of tears – but in the end, I look at this as an opportunity to meet new athletes, hopefully create an impact (as my mentor Todd Durkin would say), & learn more as a Professional in this industry.

I’m always learning & when it’s something you love – learning is so fun. Every opportunity is a chance to learn and grow.

So today, I wanted to just share this in hopes that if you’re feeling resistant to change, really route into your heart & stay true to yourself.

If I could split myself up into 2 and be in both states at once, I would – is it possible? Not yet at least. Am I excited for the future? HELL YES! I get to experience new adventures, meet new people, be with Corey, & also keep everyone from back home in my heart as I move forward.


I love my kids & am thankful for the last year and half with them.

Here’s to new adventures!


Be true to you always,

xo, Kasey


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4 responses to “I moved! Bittersweet, Passion, & New Adventures!”

  1. Shelley says:

    So glad that the move didn’t cause anxiety or let the food issues come back. I struggled with controlling food when I was young (and still do at times) when things in my life seem out of control and I can only control food intake. Can’t wait to hear more about your new adventures in your new town!

  2. Cassie says:

    Great luck on a new adventure awaiting for you!

  3. Lauren says:

    Thank you for sharing Kasey!!! So happy for you and Corey! Good luck and enjoy this new adventure!

  4. Anonymous says:

    So motivational, as always. You are an inspiration to me and I always look at you to find the extra push I need to be to myself. Good luck!

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