Holiday Recap 2014! [Part One] Friends, Family, & BABY LOVE!

January 9, 2015 -
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Hey hey happy Friday all! Hope you had a great first week of 2015! :]

It’s safe to say that the Holidays FLY BY. Even looking through my pictures to post today, it felt like they happened forever ago. I chose to split up my holiday recap into two parts because it would truly be my longest post I think if I kept it all in one.


Corey, and his beard, were¬†in for 2 weeks which was awesome so my time was split between visiting his family up north & seeing my family as well. When he is home from work, his family lives about 90 minutes north of me so I usually try and spend a few days in a row visiting since it is a bit of a drive. I was able to spend Christmas week with Corey & his family, head back home for a few days to see my fam, & then head back to Corey’s for New Years.

During my time “up north” we got to see Corey’s family & our friends from that area – as well as some of their new additions to their families! ;]


Every year I try to do something homemade for our family & friends – I came across an image on Pinterest with melted kisses into a pretzel and I forgot how delicious these are! I picked up some dark chocolate & peppermint kisses, pretzels, & m&m’s and made these for everyone.


I wouldn’t necessarily call these “healthy” but the truth is, for too many years I deprived myself of enjoying a few of these whenever I wanted. Having my new sense of BODYpeace has helped me realize that enjoying some pretzels works for me & my own balance. Life goes on & they are just as delish as I remember.

You just place the pretzels on parchment paper, put a hershey kiss in the middle, & put into a 250 degree oven for about 6 minutes or until hershey kiss is soft. Then once they are out, you take an m&m and press the kiss down. Put into the fridge until hardened (about 30 minutes to an hour) and put into a cute bag for a gift!

During my time with Corey’s fam – we got a chance to see Corey’s brothers & their wives! His brother Wilson & Jessie have an adorable pup named Louie.


Who totall has a human face! love him.

Wilson & Jessie are super into fitness, like Corey & myself, so it was fun to all hit the gym together!


We did some variations of dumbbell rows, barbell rows, rack pulls, & pull-ups!


A lot of VEGA happened over those two weeks because making some smoothies was quick & a great way to get some power into my day. I used VEGA ONE (you can find on coupon code XUG228 for $5 off!) with berries, milk of choice, spinach, & ice.

Christmas eve was spent at Jessie’s parents house where we got a chance to get dolled up!


First Christmas as an engaged couple <3


My future sister-in-law & mother-in-law, Michelle & Gale, looking beautiful as always!


And when I say beautiful…I mean beautiful ;]


Obviously Corey was pumped about it all – the dinner was great & then was accompanied by a surprise afterwards.


Jessie’s mom, Deb, ordered a copy of BODYpeace and wanted me to sign it! How awesome.

The next morning we spent all together & Corey got me an iOgrapher which will be super useful with the launch of my online training at! Hiyo!


Wilson & Jessie surprised us with this adorable Engagement ornament – how cute!


The rest of the day was spent relaxing & enjoying each other’s company! There is something so great about lying around on the comfortable carpeted floor & hanging out with each other that made the day so enjoyable.

Part way through the evening I had a FaceTime chat with my family back home!


I had to take a screenshot of these crazies. My dad in a wig, 90 Year Old Aunt Rita still thinks it’s so cool that she can see herself in the phone ;], My brother as a Scary¬†Clause, & my Nan & Pap look to be caroling! This may be in the running for Christmas Card next year. Too funny!

The next day Michelle, Gale, & myself all hit up the mall where we found some great deals.


I snacked on a this bar – which I love – from Walmart! They are just sesame seeds, honey, fruit, & nuts.

Now, are you ready for some BABIES!? One of the highlights from my two weeks was being able to meet some new additions to this world.

First up, our friends Jeff & Kateri welcome baby boy Donato just a few days before Christmas!


His big sis CC showin him some love with Gale!


Look at that adorable face! We all couldn’t wait to hold that little bugger.


There is something so magical about a newborn falling asleep in your arms. One day, Corey will feel that feeling – but for now, he gets all nervous when it comes to holding a baby.


Donato’s all like, “I know you want to hold me – look how adorable I am.” And Corey’s all like, “sorry little human, you make me nervous.” You see, Corey doesn’t have many young kids in his family so he get’s a little freaked out about holding babies BUT he will come around.


One day we will throwback to this picture when we have kids of our own ;]

Next up, we got to meet little babygirl Ali who our friends Alec & Jenna welcomed into the world about 3 months ago!


The flash made for some crazy eyes but she is just so SWEET. And that is a pacifier in her mouth that the flash made look even more crazy.

Ali is a total Daddy’s girl – check out that smile when Alec comes around…

SO CUTE! We enjoyed an awesome meal & caught up on everything.

I got a salmon salad with goat cheese & balsamic – so good!


To me, hanging with family, friends, & (new babies!) over the Holiday’s is on the top of my list of Favorite Things.

Keep an eye out for part two ;] have a great Friday & be true to you,

xo Kasey


What was one of your highlights over the Holidays?

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