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March 23, 2012 -
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Hi all! Hope you’re enjoying your week.

The weather is STILL gorgeous here! Sun

80 degree’s today, can’t beat it!

Anyway, I wanted to fill you in on my
“Healthy Eating & Fitness Tips” Presentation last night!

My mom came up to school and we worked on the PowerPoint a little;
She brought so much information that we couldn’t wait to share!

I have to say, I am very blessed to have a Mother that is into fitness and health.
It is such an amazing thing to be able to share the same passion &
be able to help each other spread the knowledge!

We both were able to elaborate on topics where we felt most passionate about
and whenever people asked questions, we both were able to answer!

I think it went well and I can’t wait to do more Presentations with my mom in the future! ;]

Throwback picture to my first competition last year!
I’m very lucky to have so much support
from my mom & family Red heart

I wanted to share with you all some of the topics
that we covered in our presentation!

My mom found this in one of her books;
It’s an illustration of how you should eat throughout the day!


It basically is saying that people that tend to start out with small meals in
the beginning of the day with hardly any nutrition,
are more likely to eat unhealthier calories later in the day
and eat more because they are so hungry from not eating early enough!

The picture on the right shows how if you start out with  a larger, healthier meal,
and continue that throughout your day; you will be on your way to your ideal body & health!


I recommended the LIVE FIT program to anyone that needed guidance!
And because Jamie Eason is one of my Inspirations for suuuure!

Here are some of my slides from the presentation:

bulk up
*One of my favorite questions to ask.
“Who thinks that you look like the girl on the right if you lift weights?”
-Many people did agree that they used to think that.
And I admitted that I was afraid to “bulk up” before I started training.

Unless no one has told me and I’m super oblivious,
I lift heavy weights &
I don’t look like Sweden’s Strongest Woman.
If anything, I am working towards being on Jaime Eason’s level!

I explained the benefits of lifting weights
& how women don’t have enough testosterone to produce a body
like the one on the left without taking something.

*I showed how you can be creative with your food!
Lord knows I don’t eat boring looking food Winking smile

*One of the MAIN things we stressed was not to fall for “FAT FREE, LOW FAT” labeled foods.
This is the advertisers way of making the product more appealing;
when in reality; they STRIP the foods of their natural fats & add in fillers
like sugar, hydrogenated oils, and processed ingredients.


Fact: When America switched to “low fat, fat free” items, we got HEAVIER
because that meant we were eating more unhealthy carbs and processed foods!

It is so much healthier to eat the healthy fats!
They won’t make you fat!

I’m going to be honest, I really switched things up this time around for my competition prep.
I loaded up on fats with every meal and decided to cut out grains.

and guess what; last time I checked, I was not over weight!
If anything, I have more definition in my ABS now than I ever did.

I went against my fear of fats & I’m so happy that I did!
I DON’T FEAR THE FAT anymore! Winking smile

eating tips

dining hall

At the end of the presentation I had samples of my
for them to try!

Thanks to GNC & FITFLUENTIAL for my chia seeds! ;]

You can watch my HOW TO video here!


I believe that every enjoyed it
& I wanted to share with you part of an e-mail that I received afterwards!

“Kasey, I wanted to thank you for taking time to present and share with us all your experiences and knowledge on nutrition and exercise. I thought it was a wonderful presentation and I believe you and your mother are excellent role models. I am majoring in Exercise Science here so I have the same passion toward fitness and nutrition as you do. I am still learning and I still have a very, very long way to go but by attending your presentation I definitely learned more tips and exercise programs.
I also believed that it helped me to understand more and pick up for information because I could relate since you are also a student.
Your slide about what meals you eat and snacks will hopefully help me and get me on the right track.
I also loved your different workout programs because I get bored easily and am always looking for a new routine :).

You are making a difference.

Even if it is a small difference you are helping people to make a healthy change in their life. My main goal in my career is to make a difference. I don’t just want to coast through life I want to help others. I loved your mom’s story about her 84 year old client. That is what I want to do, help people. The example really helped me to define the career course I want to pursue.

Thank you again for taking time out of both or your lives to share you knowledge. It wasn’t a waste.”

*This is why I enjoy what I do. Reactions like this are what keeps my motivated to spread the word of healthy living!
Thank you to the girl who sent this e-mail Red heart

Speaking of health & Fitness presentations;
there is a Fitness & Health Bloggers Conference coming up in June!
It’s in Colorado and it would be an amazing opportunity!
FitFluential partnered with Refuel Chocolate Milk
& they are giving 40 lucky ambassadors the chance to win a Scholarship!

So I wanted to give a little shout-out to say
how amazing these companies truly are In love
(click on the images to take you to their sites!)





Have you ever attended a Fitness & Health Presentation?
What were some of your favorite topics covered?

PS. 3 more days until my competition!!

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12 responses to “Health and Fitness Presentation Update”

  1. Lisa says:

    It’s great that your providing kids at a younger age the importance of nutrition and weight lifting/exercising. Honestly I didn’t have this privilege when I went to school, and I think having a focus of this would have been such a positive thing! Great work!

  2. that’s so awesome that you and your mom are able to teach about health and fitness. and i LOVE how you talked about not fearing the fats 🙂

  3. julie says:

    great post lady!! i think you should have brought samples of your powercakes to the class haha. you and your mom are so cute! women are so silly when they think weight lifting will make them bulky and fats will make them fat. EAT FAT AND LIFT WEIGHTS hahahaha

  4. What an amazing job you did!! I love the screenshot of the body – that’s a great teaching tool!
    I’m actually doing the LiveFit program right now and I’m on Phase 2 – loving it so far!
    As a personal trainer, I spend so much time designing programs for others that when it comes to myself, it’s nice to have it all mapped out for me!

  5. um you are AMAZINGGGG seriously so so inspiring! i love you and am so excited to see how you do on your competition! love you girl<33

  6. Felicia says:

    you are so passionate, and i love it. good luck this weekend!! i can’t wait to see photos and i know you will kill it out there 😉

  7. What a great presentation Kasey! You truly are making a difference and are such a great role model. I want to go the the colorado event, how fun would that be?!!

  8. LOVE!!!!!!!!!! Yes, so cool that you & mom can teach & educate!!!!

    I love Jaime Easton’s look. The sad part, many think this is too muscular, boo!!!

    I am one that could get pretty big with weights when I was younger.. an easy gainer BUT I also trained & ate to get big… so that was part of it.

    I LOVE MUSCLES!!!! 🙂

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  10. Sounds like the presentation was a success!! I would love to see your daily eats and workouts. you are in great shape and I aspire to be a fit and eat as clean a you. Thanks for being so inspiring.

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  12. Thanks on your marvelous posting! I seriously enjoyed reading
    it, you could be a great author. I will remember to bookmark your blog and will come back from now on. I want
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