Happy Mother’s Day To All You Mothers!

May 12, 2013 -
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Today is a very special day and in the wise words of my uncle Kevin, “Happy Mother’s day to all you mothers!” This quote has become famous in our family because at mother’s day dinner a few years ago he was asked to give a speech and that was his go to line. We all laughed & now every year we always say this to each other.

I am fortunate to have many amazing women in my family that I want to shout-out to today.

First to my beautiful mother who is full of so much positivity & love. She follows her passions by being a personal trainer as well as a singer in a band!


I am very lucky to have a very open & honest relationship with my mom. We talk about everything & it’s something I am so thankful for.


Growing up, I always complained that I had a “healthy personal trainer” mom whenever I wanted sugary cereal and she would try and convince me on a healthier choice. I can’t help but giggle now that I am basically following her foot steps & I am realizing how thankful I am that I did have that “healthy personal trainer” mom because she set an awesome foundation for the rest of my life.


I also wanted to send my love to my lovely grandma aka Nanny!


She is so loving and I am so lucky to have her as a grandmother.

I grew up with all 4 of my grandparents in my life until my senior year of high school where I unfortunately lost my dad’s parents, Mimi & Pap. I miss them all of the time and I have pictures around my room of them as constant reminders that they are still watching over me.


And although my Aunt Rita did not have any kids of her own, we always celebrate her on Mother’s Day as well! She has so many nieces & nephews that all look to her as a motherly figure. She is 88 years old & still rockin’ her red hair! Hence the nickname “Rockin’ Rita!”

I’ve learned to really appreciate each moment we are given with our loved ones. I am feeling blessed today and can’t wait to enjoy another Mother’s Day dinner tonight with everyone. I hope you enjoy your day & celebrate all of the mother’s in your life!


Red heart Kasey

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2 responses to “Happy Mother’s Day To All You Mothers!”

  1. Your mum and family sound so wonderful and supportive. I hope you enjoyed Mother’s Day 🙂

  2. Judith C says:

    What a blessing to still have their living presence, although their presence will always be with you (as you already know from those already passed). Your mom sounds like a brilliant ball of *joy*!!

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