RSVP for June 8th-12th #GROweek Today! (Gluten Free, Raw, Organic)

June 3, 2015 -
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Hey all! We made it safely in Rhode Island! Lots of unpacking before I head back out-of-town again so an update post will be up soon! ;]


Today, I’ve got home BIG news to share that you will WANT to be a part of! I am so pumped to be a part of another Sampler Event! This one is called the #GROweek.

The #GROweek will be starting next week and running from July 8-12th! There are some amazing brands that you won’t want to miss during this week-long event hosted by us bloggers & Sampler.

GRO stands for Gluten Free, Raw, & Organic products!


What is A Sampler?

Sampler allows you to send product samples to friends. Not only will your friends love receiving new samples – BUT I encourage you to “buddy up” with friends to ensure that YOU receive product samples as well!

For example, myself & my sister-in-law buddy up, follow along on the calendar provided to us to see when samples LAUNCH, & then we send each other samples!

We can then share it with others to get them involved as well. It’s truly a WIN-WIN peeps!


Whenever you register, you will get sent a calendar that will tell you the EXACT times (EST), day, & which company is launching samples.

At that time, go to their Facebook page, & follow the link to send the samples!

It’s THAT simple.

If you want to be eligible to win the BIG prize basket that will be filled with goodies from our sponsored sampling brands, make sure you RSVP TO WIN.


If you want to prepare for the upcoming Sampler events, you want to RSVP so that the app is already recognized by your Facebook account (this saves valuable time when trying to grab Samplers).

Also, if you want to plan out the #GROWEEK events, you’ll want to unlock the event calendar that RSVPing provides you.



– to claim your entry into a drawing for the Grand Prize Basket!

– to unlock the calendar of events for GRO WEEK!


To add some MORE fun to this week – we’re including FLASH GIVEAWAYS!

The #GROweek will also have SURPRISE FLASH GIVEAWAYS popping up during the week so be sure to watch my Facebook page, as I’ll be directing you to the flash giveaway page when they go live with my facebook & the other bloggers!

There is also a Canada Only event on the calendar with the company Greenlid which is a compost bin. So cool!


Here are some tips to make sure you can master the #GROweek:







Wish For It:

After “RSVP’ing” you will receive exclusive access to the calendar and will have a chance to go and “Wish For” the product samples you would like to receive on the different brands pages.

This way, wishing will notify all of the your friends that a brand is participating in the #GROweek and you can buddy up!

Here are all of the direct links so you can WISH FOR IT now! :]

Chicpea & Lentille
Explore Asian
Back To Nature
Bakery On Main


Want to learn a little bit more about the awesome companies that will be participating? 

Check below & be sure to click to check them out!


Bakery On Main: I’m all about texture & crunch so this granola totally hits the spot!

The Bakery On Main started by Founder Michael Smulders, listened to his Celiac customers complain about the taste of many of the gluten free options available to them. He thought that no one should have to suffer because of a food allergy or other special dietary need, and made it his mission to create products that would make my customers happy. You can check them out [here] on facebook!


VeganSmart: SO delicious! This protein is good enough just to mix with water or almond milk and drink. The consistency is smooth & the flavors rock. I’ve been using it after workouts & truly look forward to it!

2 Scoops contain 20g Non-GMO Protein, 6g Dietary Fiber, Dairy & Soy Free, Gluten Free, Vitamins & Minerals, Omega 3, Prebiotics, & Digestive Enzymes. Talk about some power ;]


Explore Asian – love love LOVE this pasta!! Guys, 25 grams of protein in a serving a noodles! Made from only beans & water. #MAGICAL

I actually just made it this week for Corey, myself, & our friend Mark!

exploreasiaGRO1 Topped with sauce & turkey – so good!


Back To Nature: Chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies, crackers, trail mix = all of my favorites in one company!


Chicpea & Lentille: They have Cheeze Puffs that pack a lot of nutrition into a great-tasting snack. Made with chickpeas and lentils & use only the purest non-GMO ingredients with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. They are free from gluten, dairy and common allergies!

With all of that awesomeness being said — don’t forget to RSVP & don’t miss out on these awesome samples!

Talk to you guys soon & be true to you,

xo Kasey



*I am working with the Sampler App but all opinions are always my own!