GLOW Retreat 2014 Part THREE [Recap]

September 16, 2014 -
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Hey all! Happy Tuesday! I am so pumped to share with you DAY THREE of our first ever GLOW Retreat. Our last day was one to remember – you’ll see why soon.

We started out with a workout to get our blood pumpin’ before breakfast!


Thank you Heather for this awesome booty shot ;]


We had So Delicious yogurt, bagels, fruit, & Justin’s Nut butter – heck yes!

Followed by…more food? Absolutely.

My friends & sponsors at Nutrex-Hawaii provided their products that I could use for a cooking demo! I was pumped to share with everyone my stories of Nutrex-Hawaii products. I am very passionate about working with companies whose products I use and truly believes in.

I taught everyone about the powerful benefits of Nutrex-Hawaii’s spirulina and Bio Astin. The products are made from microalgae hand-picked from the Hawaiian oceans and were founded by Dr. Gerald Cysewski, who is a world-renowned expert in microalgae. Nutrex-Hawaii is the real deal.  You can read about my trip to the Hawaii Nutrition Summit [here]. They are so passionate about bringing high-quality microalage products into the market to improve and extend the lives of their consumers!


Spirulina is an actual food from blue-green algae. It is approximately 60% complete, highly digestible protein with the highest levels of beta-carotene found naturally, has high levels of Omega 3 Fatty Acids, B Vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. Three grams of spirulina has the same amount of antioxidants, enzymes, and phytonutrients as FIVE servings of vegetables


Now BioAstin on the other hand, is Nutrex-Hawaii’s other product that I am passionate about & learned all about in Hawaii. BioAstin® – 100% pure, natural Hawaiian Astaxanthin™, the world’s strongest natural antioxidant with benefits for joint health, skin health, eye and brain health and for athletes and active people.


After I got to share my stories of Hawaii & these amazing products, I put my chef hat on & created a Cold Wild Rice Salad with Spirulina!


Sometimes people don’t realize that you can actually cook with spirulina. It’s got a nice earthy taste and goes great with a dressing! You can also find other [recipes] on their site!

Samples were given to everyone to check out while I prepped our lunch!

photo (2)


High socks + food = my style.

The salad was made up of kale, wild rice, garbanzo beans, red peppers, spirulina, nuritional yeast, and honey mustard dressing. So simple and so delicious! Everyone loved it.

cooking demo


 Order up! Feel free to try out Nutrex-Hawaii with coupon code PCTRUE25 for 25% off!

After the Nutrex-Hawaii cooking demo, it was time to move into our Dear Body workshop. We’re not going to go into detail because we don’t want to spoil it for all of you who are going to come to next year’s retreat, but it is absolutely the most transformational experience that we have ever witnessed.

We got  raw and vulnerable. Outing our own insecurities with our bodies, getting deep into our souls, & just allowing ourselves to be ourselves with a roomful of amazing support.

Here’s snapshots of what went down & I think you’ll be able to realize the amazing energy throughout.






After the unreal Dear Body workshop, Katie ended our weekend with a circle of glow yoga. Everyone got a glow wrist band to truly bring it all together.





IMG_7939 IMG_7940






After Katie did her thing – Heather rocked a mediation before we said our good-byes. (or see ya laters!)





Thanks to our amazing sponsors, we were able to not only have amazing swag bags but to also have an UNREAL giveaway at the end of the weekend! Can you tell I was pumped?







We gave away ONE free Retreat ticket for next year and our girl Jayne Payne won! We can’t wait to see her again.


The weekend was truly amazing & we’re already in talks for next years – don’t you worry!



Saying our good-byes to our girls was hard, but exciting knowing that we will see them again next year!




New friends. New memories. New outlook on ourselves.IMG_8019




That’s what GLOW is all about.


MARK YOUR CALENDARS! We’ve announced our dates –


We truly hope to see you August 7-9 of 2015. There will be even MORE we are bringing to the table & the transformation within yourself that you will find that weekend will be something you will always remember & feel every day.

Keep an eye out for upcoming announcements! And it truly wouldn’t have been possible without our amazing TEAM!


And also our AMAZING & supportive sponsors!! We love you VEGA, Mamma Chia, Nutrex-Hawaii, So Delicious, Under Armour Women, Rooted Beauty, Soul Candy CO, HumanX Gear, & Harbinger Fitness.


photo (2)22







photo 2 (1)11



rooted beauty




Alright guys, I’m out! I’ve got a big day of clients before we head to BALTIMORE for tomorrow’s Body Love Event! If you haven’t registered yet you can do so HERE! We’re also heading to Expo East so let me know if you’ll be around!

Have a great Tuesday!

be true to you,

xo Kasey