Gina Harney’s HIIT IT! Book Review

January 15, 2015 -
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Hey all & happy Thursday!

Today I am so pumped to bring to you a review from one of my good friends, Gina aka @Fitnessista, and her new book she sent me, HIIT It!


I first met Gina at the 2013 IDEA Fitness Conference. We both happened to be at a check-in table & she instantly walked over & gave me a hug – I knew right then that she was super genuine. She runs a hugely successful & true to herself blog, Fitnessista, & was one of the first bloggers I followed.


Flashback to bloggers in a booth with Monica (@RunEatRepeat), Julie (@PBFingers), Heather (@HWGlamour), Katy (@KatyWidrick), Courtney (@SweetToothCourt),Gina (@Fitnessista), & Bobbi (@NHerShoes)!

Gina is a fitness instructor, personal trainer, military wife, & new mom to an adorable daughter! Gina’s warm personality comes across in her passion for fitness & especially through her book HIIT It! Now being a published Author myself (sayyy whattt!), I  love supporting others who are putting their passions out there.

What you will find inside of this book:

  • HIIT 101
  • HIIT to Fit
  • The Moves: Exercise Index with Form Cues & Photos
  • Change It Up Workouts
  • HIIT Workouts

You will also get some awesome inspirations with recipes, snack ideas, sweet treats, & tips on prepping ahead of time!

I love her switch up workouts & they definitely have inspired me with my programming for clients!

An example from the book would be a few Rounds of Squats, Push ups, & Plank hold – do each move for 1 minute.

You can find Gina’s book [here] and if you head over to her blog (which you def. should) tell her I sent you! ;] She’s nothing short of awesome and I can’t wait to see her again this summer!


Be true to you,

xo Kasey