Holiday Gift Guide 2018

December 5, 2018 -
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HELLO MY FRIENDS!!! Happy December!! I just love this time of year.

Christmas lights, Christmas music, Christmas decorations….anddddd my annual DAYS OF GIVEAWAYS start next week!!

If you are an OG subscriber — you’ve been with me for the last 6 years of my giveaway series and it has definitely evolved just as I have.

This year will be filled with some AWESOME giveaways — some companies you may know and have seen AND some new ones!


While getting into the Holiday spirit of GIVING – I wanted to kick off this fun month with a GIFT GUIDE of some things I’ve been loving lately that you or a fitness-lover you know may just love as well!

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Maybe it’s just me…but I like a practical gift!

Back in the day when Corey and I first started dating…I remember for our 1 year anniversary he filled a bag with my favorite protein bars, cereal, & some fitness gear…and I was THRILLED!

Maybe I’m simple — although I’m not sure he’d call me that ;]


1) ActivMotion Bars

I love love love trying new fitness equipment (and my clients just looove trying them too ;]) & the ActivMotion bars did not disappoint. 

These bars hit FULL BODY.


Core + mobility + stability + balance + flexibility all in one bar.


So whats so unique about these bars? Well, let me tell you!

INSIDE of the bar there are rolling steel weights to provide a whole new stimulus to your training.


I preach about “mind-muscle connection” often and these bars help build that along with a better awareness of our position in space.


The bars come in multiple weights…from 3 – 18 pounds.


ActivMotion is offering a discount of 25% off through the holidays!

Use code “fitapproach25” at checkout and it will be valid through January 7th! 


2) NanoHydr8 Electrolyte Drink

I’m all for trying new (and natural) products to power through a workout.

NanoHydr8 is a 3 in 1 performance enhancing drink. Delivering the pre, during and post workout supplements your body needs to stay hydrated, energized, replenished and recovered.


They have not discovered a new supplement or created magical powder to add to your water but they’ve simply taken basic nutrients already being used by us as athletes to increase energy, help with muscle recovery and provided electrolyte replenishment and made them smaller to deliver them faster and more effective.

The products are also sweetened with stevia & all-natural.

You can sip it during your workout by adding a cap or 2 into your water or you can take a “shot” of the smaller to-go bottles.

I brought my small bottle to the gym with me & took it before a workout! LOVED it.

You can use code KASEY20 for 20% off!



Listen peeps…I’ve been an OG ADIDAS fan ever since I was a kid. Every year I would get new cleats for soccer and I’d always end up getting the original black cleat with the 3 white stripes down the side.


I love their basic & go-to pieces with just the logo on the front which you can find for awesome prices.

I love their Essential Linear Loose tank tops & duffel bags!

What fitness lover that you know wouldn’t love a new gym bag!?

I’m just going to keep mentioning a GYM BAG because there’s a chance you’ll be seeing this in the GIVEAWAYS coming up soon ;] JUST SAYINNNN.


4) AFTERSHOKZ Headphones

To round up the whole gym-experience now that you’ve got your outfit on point, energy from your NanoHydr8, & your ActivMotion bar to workout with…now you need the MUSIC to keep you going.

I’ve talked about AFTERSHOKZ open-ear headphones before and for good reason. These are AWESOME.


Not only can you hear your music, but you can also be aware of the world around you making these Trekz Air GREAT for runners or in the gym!


Ok y’all — there you have it! Some of my top pics for Holiday gifts!

You will be seeing some of these in the giveaway series coming up NEXT WEEK so keep an eye out and get ready to enter!

What your go-to fitness gadget or gear that you love to give for the Holidays!?

Be true to you,

xo Kasey

All photography by my girl @mikayla_pascophotography

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  1. Dana_Lady says:

    The ActivMotion bar sounds really cool. Love the idea of the internal weights. I will look into that. Also, thanks for the coupon code!

    – Dana_Lady

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