Friday Favorites! Recent Eats & Gifts for the Fam!

January 3, 2014 -
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Good morning everyone! Happy Friday! How’s your week going? It was SUPER snowy here yesterday and now it’s SUPER freezing outside. I believe we’re only getting up to the single digits today – perfect day to get a sweat on inside! I’m headed to the gym here soon after taking my pre workout…..Natures Multi-Vitamin!

Spirulina -my favorite! I’ve posted all about the benefits of this here with my trip to Hawaii where I got to see how this gets bottled and put into our hands. Speaking of Hawaii – on a day like today, or any day for that matter, I’d love to be back there! Talk about paradise. Anywho – I usually mix a teaspoon of powder with half of a banana & cinnamon! They do have capsules available but I brought the powder along with me.

You can find this on with a coupon code XUG228 for first time users! So many benefits to this natural food. 

You can also put the powder into hummus, guac, & kale chips just like I did here!

Since today is Friday I thought I’d catch you up on some Friday Favorites over these few weeks of the Holiday! 

Christmas came early for me thanks to my friends at Troy Barbell who were so generous to send me two of their Kettlebells! I got a 25lb & 35lb and I’ve already been putting together workouts to share with you all! I think my Harbinger kettlebell arm guards are definitely going to come in handy. 

Obviously whenever I see you all making recipe it totally hits the top of my favorites chart! Alicia made some Tuna Cakes & shared them via Instagram!

@Knockedoutfitness made a Quinoa Powerbowl which obviously caught my attention!

Over the last two weeks I got to spend time with my family & Corey’s family! Family time is a favorite for sure & giving gifts is something I absolutely love to do. This year was a very merry Under Armour Christmas! 

We spent time at Corey’s grandma’s house where I gave Corey’s brothers, their wives, & his parents some gifts! I got Wilson the Alter Ego shirt, Jessie a Run Wind Turtle Neck , Michelle the Infared V-Neck, & Adam the Striped T!

For my fam I knew Papacakes would be in his glory with the Antler Logo & Camo lined Hoodie!

CoreyCakes got some new Strive Training shoes then put on a fashion show for us in the living room.

I’ve always loved the feeling of giving. It’s one of my favorite moments when someone opens a gift you got for them and they (hopefully) like it! This year the UA was a hit.

I’m off to get an arm workout in before running some errands this afternoon! We’re meeting some friends for Sushi tonight and I’m definitely looking forward to that.

Hope you have a great Friday!


XO Kasey

What was your own friday favorite from your week? 



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  1. I just finished my spirulina-loaded smoothie. So darn good. 🙂 An Under Armour filled Christmas is a happy Christmas, for sure.

  2. I love me the Nutrex Hawaii products!!! 🙂

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