Friday Favorites! MS Walk, B Up Bars, & Enlightened Snacks!

May 1, 2015 -
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Happy FRIDAY everyone! Hope you are having an awesome week!

Today it’s Friday Favorites which is going to be a mash up of a ton of different things.

First up) I walked in the MS walk for the 2nd year in a row with Team Powercakes! Shout out to my Pap, who is truly amazing, & put together a team this year for all of us to show our support.




Seeing the sign for the Pittsburgh marathon got me so excited to run in the relay (on Sunday!)



There was an awesome turn out this year for the MS walk. Every year in Pittsburgh, they host this 5k walk through the city. It truly is a great cause.

Something that really hit me at the end of the walk was a beautiful women in a wheelchair holding a sign at the finish line that read, “Thank you for walking for me”.

My friend Kaitlin & I both said how we got instant chills all over our bodies and it hits you why you’re there to support.IMG_7619

My girlfriends rock & came down to support the cause this me this year.


Always ample time for selfies.


Afterwards we were ready for some brunch so we hit up the Cheesecake factory for omelets! So good & hit the spot.

Favorite #2) Switching gears – B UP BARS! Have you guys tried these yet? Use my code POWERCAKES29 at check out for a discount!


The other night the fam was over for dinner so I chopped up some B-jammin bars & sugar cookie bars for sampling.

All natural preserves INSIDE the protein bar = GENIUS.

#3) That same night, we also sampled some Enlightened snacks! These were sent to me by the friendly company over at Eat Enlightened.


These are their new Enlightened Roasted Broad Beans which are loaded with fiber & protein.


They are buttery, crunchy, & one of my new favorites. For Real.


Sea salt is my top choice and my family loved the spicier options! Hence my brother making his appearance…(he’s a goof).




They have awesome flavors like BBQ, garlic & onion, sea salt, wasabi, & sriracha! Thank you Enlightened, loving these for snacks.

Favorite #4) Couples that work out together! ;] My client Lauren brought her Fiance to her last workout and it was so fun. I had them to circuits and finish with some partner work like these plank high fives.


Her Fiance even said, trying new things together can strengthen a bond. Which I believe is true!

All in all – awesome week & I am looking forward to some fun things coming up! I’m off to get my packet for the Marathon this weekend. Will I be seeing anyone Sunday?!


Have a great rest of your day & be true to you,

xo Kasey




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  1. Cassie says:

    How are the B-jammin bars???? And the Enlightened chips???

  2. Jessie says:

    Looks like you guys are having fun with amazing snacks 🙂

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