Friday Favorites! Donut Sunday, Perfect Bar, Bison Jerky, & more!

March 4, 2016 -
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Happy Friday, friends! How are you!? I don’t have clients until this afternoon so I’m excited to get my fingers movin on the keyboard to share with you my recent faves ;] which basically all include food…typical!

1) My friend Bailee (who is also a Trainer at Fitness Quest 10!) and I have been on the hunt after Sunday class to find some awesome donut/breakfast spots in San Diego.

We’ve tried a few (and I want to do a full recap of where we’ve been so far) but Sunday we had some amazing donuts at Nomad Donuts!


I got a Coconut Pandan donut and we got a few others to cut apart and taste test ;] there were so many options!! (and SO good!) #balance

2) Being on the go a lot during the week, I am always hunting for some new snacks. My friends at KivaSun sent over these grass-fed bison jerky’s for me to try and I really liked them!

Jerky’s not always my first go-to pick but these were really good.


The original was sweet/savory and the Hatch Chile isn’t too spicy — it’s pretty mild with good flavor. Check them out if jerky is your thang! ;]

3) On the topic of being on the go — BARS are so easy for me to snack on during the day! My friends at Perfect Bar sent me an awesome mix of different bars to try.


Perfect Bars are a cold pressed bar that contain things like almond or peanut butter, honey, & whole foods powder and most bars contain a decent amount of protein.


They are kept in the fridge to hold their form & I highly recommend them! They taste great & are packed with power.


4) Do you have a dinner that is your dinner most nights of the week? For me, cooking for one (currently until Corey gets to CA!), I tend to focus on getting a good quality protein, carbs, fats, & veggies at every dinner.


I usually prep my protein on Sunday and have it for the week. One of my go-to’s is Trader Joes turkey breast cooked up with a jar of salsa. I also get their rice which is super simple to make and then saute some veggies topped with olives & feta for fats.

It’s simple to get a complete meal if you just break down the macronutrients all into one meal.

5) Speaking of Trader Joes — THESE ARE SO GOOD! Kettle Popped popcorn chips that are sweet & salty. I swear these are addicting and such a good snack idea (dipped in nut butter, even better!)


6) Post-deadlift savasana…. one of my favorite things to do. You feel me?


I’m about 9 weeks out from my first Powerlifting meet and our training has been great. After deadlifts the other day we were using ropes to get a good deep stretch and the sun shining down felt so good that I just wanted to lay there for a few minutes. In yoga, the final savasana pose is my favorite time to just take in everything you just did which is why this may have lasted longer than a few minutes ;]

7) LEMONS IN CALI ARE AS BIG AS ORANGES! I was blown away by this. One of the clients at FQ10 grows these on their own tree and they were SO big.


They also are delicious and go great in my water! These are usual snapchat stories of mine so make sure you’re following @Powercakes for daily eats, fitness, life, & lemons ;]

That’s my weekly favorites ya’ll! I hope you had an amazing week & cheers to an amazing weekend!

I’ll see you next time & be true to you,

xo Kasey





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7 responses to “Friday Favorites! Donut Sunday, Perfect Bar, Bison Jerky, & more!”

  1. Aubrey says:

    Good luck at your powerlifting contest~:-)

  2. Cassie says:

    #3 and #4 are so me! I LOVE Perfect Bars, but the peanut butter ones are my favorite so far! I have way too much I need to try though. As for #4, I always focus on a good protein, healthy fat, leafy green and something SPICY, whether salsa or Sriracha!

  3. GiGi Eats says:

    That donut — GAH! I don’t know what it is about it but it makes my mouth WATER! I haven’t had a donut in like 15 years, and I want to freaking CHOW DOWN on my computer screen just to get a little closer to that damn donut!

  4. Julia says:

    The first thing I noticed in the picture with the lemon was……not the lemon, but your awesome looking shoulder! Good luck on the comp and thanks for the great post! Donuts look tasty!

  5. Mark says:

    Hi Kasey,
    I am not gonna talk about that donut haha. As I have had it before. The things is what’s that jerky? I have never tried it. After here I will try to find it around my location though there is little probability that I will find it here.

  6. Best Bake says:

    Interesting post! I love to visit your latest posts and know the new things about latest food products. Bison jerky is the new one I never heard about it before….

    Thanks for sharing….

  7. Sebastian says:

    The first and fourth make me crave! Ugggh! The look tasty and delicious!

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