September 18, 2015 -
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Hey everyone & HAPPY FRIDAY! Can’t believe how fast these weeks fly by.

Had our first middle school soccer game last night – and we won! WOO, go huskies! It’s so fun being a coach. I knew for years I wanted to get into coaching and I can definitely see myself doing it for a long time.

Today I wanted to highlight some favorites from the past week for today’s friday favorites!

IMG_08741) Been lacing up cleats since 1996 ;] got in some sprints yesterday (and taking in every ounce of summer we still have).


I did 10 sets of cone interval sprints (sprint to first cone and back, then second cone and back, then longest 3rd cone and back, etc.) with about 60 seconds in between each set.

I had a pretty amazing video situation happen after while I was cooling down and stretching — check instagram for that one today!

2) Cooking for a party of 14 – no big deal.


Corey has about 12 RA’s that he works with so we had them over for dinner the other night. I made some whole grain spaghetti with a turkey meat sauce, salad with Hilary’s Eat Well dressing, & whole grain garlic bread that we found in the freezer isle!

3) Breakfast with my girl Heather Waxman!


Being that we live so close now, it’s so fun to meet for weekly meet ups & chat about our next adventures. We each enjoyed an omelet breakfast and did a Periscope on BODYpeace eating. Make sure to check us out on Periscope if you haven’t yet! @HeatherWaxman & @Powercakes.IMG_0658

Almond milk latte for me & dark roast for Heather.

4) Being a total creep & taking a picture of your Fiance like it’s his first day of school.


I usually am walking to the gym while Corey walks to his office and I just thought he looked handsome so I made him pose for a picture…sorry not sorry ;]

5) Paleoful BROWNIES! Made these on Sunday for our Sunday dessert and have been eating them throughout the week. They are SO good.

They also now have PANCAKE MIXES that you need to check out! Love them.


6) Bolthouse Farms Yogurt Ranch Dressing —- yaaassssss.IMG_0579

Over a “pasta salad” (literally added pasta into the salad) hey, had to get some more carbs in! With greens, chicken sausage, olives, veggies, & sundried tomatoes.

7) Cookie Dough B UP BARSIMG_0620

y’all – theses are GOOOOD baked in the oven! 350 for about 5 minutes. Use code “POWERCAKES29” at checkout for a whole box for $29.00 & FREE SHIPPING!

8) Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce from Trader Joes – heck yes.


This stuff is truly liquid gold and went perfect over some pork tenderloin that we put in the crock pot on low for about 5-6 hours with some seasonings and a little oil.

9) The limited batch Chobani yogurts — get your hands on THESE!

I found them at Target along with the pumpkin – so good!

10) Finally learning how to make homemade milk latte’s!! I’ve used almond milk & half/half. I am working on perfecting theses and then I’ll do a YouTube how to.

For the record, I use this milk frother from amazon.

11) Warm Up Party everyday on the Cybex Arc Trainer!

This is my go to warm up before I lift. I hit up the Arc Trainer for about 5-7 minutes. I love the full range of motion you get from setting the incline on its highest!

12) And last but not least, for awesome tools on how to start YOUR own blog! I often get questions about starting blogs and I think they do a great job taking it step by step. I love this website so definitely check it out!

Whelp – that’s all folks! Leave a comment below if any of these favorites are YOUR favorites as well or something that sparked your interest this week. You all rock!


Be true to you,

xo Kasey


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