Friday Favorites! 10.7.16

October 7, 2016 -
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Happy Friday, all! Hope you’re having an awesome day.

Today I’ve got a ton of Friday Favorites to share — none of which are sponsored, just some things/people that I love & new thangs I got to try out & review for you!

Lots of new eats, leggings, & of course, a cute nephew picture ;] I just can’t get enough of that little face!! Speaking of Chase…he’s my number one in this post….maybe I’m biased? ;] <3

1)That face!! I just want to cuddle him up.


2) 2 of my other favorite boys, my clients Danny & Kyle. We all ended up matching for our session on Wednesday and I loved it.


Team blue for the win!

3) SweetFlexx Leggings – super cool pair of leggings I got to try out!


SweetFlexx is a company that makes clothing with “resistance band technology”. Basically they have invented a way to add resistance into your clothing. At first when I was introduced to them..I really was interested in HOW this works.

I chose to review a cute heather grey pair of SweetFlexx Women’s leggings and my first couple of thoughts were 1) I loved the color! (huge grey fan) 2) They seemed super well made. 3) They were made in the USA! 4) I actually liked how the resistance made a sweet pattern on the front of the pants (which you can see in the pictures below).


I personally felt that the size 8 legging fit me best — comfortable in the legs and not too loose in the waist.img_9773 img_9770 img_9772 img_9768 img_9769

The company states that through a study with the University of Yale that participants wearing the pants did see a change in energy output.

To me, this makes sense as it does add a bit of resistance to your walking but I wouldn’t purchase these thinking they will make you loose 20 lbs instantly. I personally just liked the way they looked, the quality is great, they are comfortable, and I also tried them out in a more “athletic” approach as to adding some resistance to my training & wore them for a stair-mill workout.

4) FitJoy Protein Bars!


I have seen these in the Instagram world and became super curious to try them out. I definitely like the flavor & texture — and they are a lot lower in fiber compared to the bars you’re probably used to with upwards of 20-25g per bar. These would be a great options if those other bars upset your stomach – and a great option even if that didn’t bug you!

These bars of 20g of protein, 11g of fiber, gluten free, no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners, & have 23 carbs. Makes for an awesome snack!

My personal favorite was the cinnamon roll because I’m a cinnamon junkie to begin with.


I like the yogurty (is that word?) coating and the texture differences from chewy to soft. Definitely try these bars out next time you see them in the store!



My friends @NowFoodsOfficial have an awesome product that is seriously one of my favorite drinks ever…Stevia Hot Chocolate.

I just combined about 2-3 TB of the powder with almond milk and heat for 2 minutes. Add whipped cream on top (because yes) and enjoy.


6) My clients seriously have the cutest pets…like, seriously.


How cute is Mack? Seriously! This is one of my client’s dogs…Mack! He loves watching us work out, loves to lick our faces when we hold planks, & apparently wanted in on the overhead presses this morning with my new REP FITNESS dumbbells!


They also sent their Medicine Ball & Slam Ball for me to play with so I can’t wait to share a workout I create with this awesome equipment.

7) Quote of the week!


I absolutely love this….wake up & DO YOU! Be as productive as you can without beating yourself up over every detail…be true to you & have some fun while you’re at it..would ya! ;]

With that — those are my favs from this week! Hope you have an awesome weekend!

Be true to you,

xo Kasey

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