Food Freedom & Family + Cousin’s Graduation!

June 16, 2015 -
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Hello my friends!! And helloo blog…it’s been a hot minute or two!

I guess you could say we’re not completely settled in yet as we are still in transition into our new apartment – which I’m not complaining because I’m super happy with the new place! We just have to wait for all of the ducks to get in a row to move everything in (which I believe is TONIGHT!) yay!

Anywho – we moved in 2 Sunday’s ago and then 2 days later I flew to South Carolina for my “little” cousin’s graduation.


My flight was super early so I picked up some Starbucks oats, nuts, coffee (of course),  & brought a packet of VEGA to mix in. My go-to breakfast on the go!IMG_8750

I can’t believe how fast time goes and the first of 4 of my 1st cousins is now a high school graduate!


So proud of you Kelsi Rae! <3

Visiting my family in SC also means I get to see my favorite fur-ball friend, Kennedy!


She is such a cuddle bug & I love it.


And loves to catch some sunlight by the pool.IMG_8672

Corey & I wanting our own dog is an understatement (as in, I wanted one, like, yesterday) but we that is something to always look forward to ;] #puppycakes

With family trips also comes lots of food and today I really want to touch on FOOD FREEDOM.

For me, this trip really brought some cool things to light of where I’m at now with food. Leave it to family to always be there to support & remind you how far you’ve come.


One of the first days there, we went on a boat trip and stopped at Subway to grab lunch for later. The old Kasey (restrictive, under-eating, anxiety driven) would have gotten a salad to feel safe. The new Kasey? Gimme that sandwich with all the fixings! My body needs fuel.


True #BODYpeace for me is being able just to grab & go food with your family without anxiety or second thoughts.

Talking to my sister-in-law on our boat that day about how far I’ve truly come in my life by not letting food choices consume me and just enjoying moments. She even said while we were eating, “I bet this is a blog post”.

How am I able to have freedom?

I ALLOW myself to have freedom. I no longer keep myself to rules that took over my way of thinking. I enjoy foods in a balance that works for me and I aim to give my body the macronutrients that it wants. (proteins, fats, & carbs)

Over the years, I challenged myself to truly start accepting new foods into my daily eats that I used to avoid.

And trust me, my family will be the first to say how proud they are that I can just go with the flow and enjoy life now.

You start to realize as you do this that your body needs the fuel, especially if you are training (working out) on top of it. Sometimes it may be a subway sandwich or sometimes it may be your favorite dressing from your favorite restaurant.  It’s up to YOU to make that choice & realize that your body needs the fuel that fits your lifestyle.

It’s true that anyone, yes anyone, can over-do what their body actually needs but that’s why we bring it back to balance, peeps! Find an intake that suits you & don’t be afraid to FUEL your body with the food it needs. If you train hard, your body needs the fuel and if you aren’t as active – you may not need as much as an athlete would but that still doesn’t mean you need to restrict.


The rest of the weekend I knew the fuel would not be limited ;] and it was delicious!


Grilled salmon, pasta salad, and grilled veggies.


Picked up some of my favorite aloe coconut water after a workout!



They just opened by my cousin’s house and after the few hour-long Graduation, our whole family was starving so my Uncle stopped and got everyone a Smash burger on Multi-grain buns. SO GOOD.

My aunt also had some cool apps for the Graduation party like this fresh veggie salsa.


andddd I was on team “FRUIT KABOBS” so we sliced all of the fruit nice and fancy before putting them on kabob sticks and then poking them into a pineapple.


Makes for an awesome centerpiece with your food!


Now that the weather is warm – I am loving berries every single day. After one of my workouts I had some protein oats with Vega Team Protein, Oats, & all the berries.


Greek salads are my favoriteeeeeeee — anyone else?


And my other go-to for travel, Bagel Sandwiches!


Herby Turkey from Brueggers, anyone?


Always fun to see the UA love in Boston at the airport!

When all is said and done – I am super happy with the balance I have found in my life and my wish is for everyone to be able to do the same. Life is too short not to enjoy the moments, the m&m’s, the salads, the ice cream, the bread — all in a way that works for you and your body.

In life, sometimes you have to jump in with 2 feet and believe in yourself along the way.

I’m thankful for my family & friends that have helped me along the way find food freedom & happiness in life. I love you all <3

Be true to you,

xo Kasey

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6 responses to “Food Freedom & Family + Cousin’s Graduation!”

  1. Jess says:

    Such an inspiring post, Kasey. It struck home with me. Family is who sees us at our worst, but also at our best. They challenge us, accept our struggles, and celebrate our successes with us. I know whenever I realize I’m eating a previous “fear” food without even really thinking about it, I feel the same sense of pride. It’s amazing how endless the road to recovery can seem at first, and yet, when we look back on it, we can see how far we’ve truly come.

  2. hdjhdj2 says:


  3. Cassie says:

    The protein oats look amazing!

  4. Ging F says:

    Love you attitude towards just going with the flow, so many people seem worried about what’s going into their body and this is a good thing. But letting it take over your life is not.


  5. Mitch says:

    hey, those healthy recipes are very inspiring ; ) It will definately help to people get on the right path.

  6. ansa says:

    These foods look so yummy but Greek salad is my favorite one. I love it every time I eat it.

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