FitSnack March Review! Bulletproof Coffee, Crazy Richards PB, & Protein Chips!

April 11, 2016 -
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Hey friends & happy Monday! I hope your week is off to a great start.

It’s FitSnack time of the month again for March & this pack was FULL of some awesome goodies! Coffee, peanut butter, & cookies anyone? ;]


This box was loaded with some new things to try like Love Grown Power O’s, OH!Bar, Fru-Licious pops, & a Ginger Cashew Spice LesserEvil Good Cookie.

I absolutely love IPS chips!! The cinnamon ones are my favorite but I was excited to try these salt & black pepper. Perfect snack.


Backattack Savory Almonds, KUTOA fruit + chia + flax + chocolate bar, & Crazy Richards PB Burst pack (so convenient & I love this company!).


Bulletproof Coffee! I’ve heard so much about bulletproof coffee that I was super ┬ápumped to see this kit in the box.

Bulletproof Coffee (which is just a cup of black coffee with grass-fed butter and medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) oil mixed in) was designed by Dave Asprey, owner of Bulletproof Executive. Bulletproof coffee would start your day with healthy fats which would provide energy, good for cognitive functions, & supports your hormonal system.

Now, with anything, I think of moderation & balance. So for me, I’ve been curious to try it out and want to incorporate it in one morning to see how I feel. I’ll keep you posted!

Love me some FitSnack! You can go to this [link] to sign up under FitSnack.Com/POWER

Have an amazing week & BE TRUE TO YOU (always!!),

xo Kasey

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One response to “FitSnack March Review! Bulletproof Coffee, Crazy Richards PB, & Protein Chips!”

  1. Cassie says:

    I LOVE the Power O’s and the IPS chips too! They taste amazing and are so healthy!

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