November 5, 2015 -
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Happy Thursday, everyone!

Each month I get to share with you guys some new snack ideas thanks to my friends at FIT SNACK! I can’t tell you how pumped it makes me when I hear someone who read one of my posts, saw on my instagram, or I’ve personally given samples to come to me and say “I saw ___ on your site and now I love them! Thank you!”

Totally makes my day, especially when it’s one of my youth athletes! 

Often times whenever I’m helping clients make sure they are eating enough – they are always looking for new snacks ideas without being stuck in the same old day in and day out.

Fit Snack makes it easy to try new things each month.


This month included samples from Peak Energy Mints, Caveman Foods, Raw Rev Protein Bars, Truproteins Whey Protein, along with others:


YummySnack peppermint bar & coconut bar. These were awesome & I think a great alternative to a candy bar if you’re looking for something for yourself or your children.


Love Grown Foods does it again with a Chocolate Joy cereal made from BEANS! I love anything cereal and then you throw chocolate in there? Yes please.


Um, did someone say double espresso?!

I’ve been dying to try High Brew Coffee so I was pumped when this was included in this month’s box! Caffeine fix, anyone?


Alright I’ll be honest…I can eat a whole bag of granola in one sitting. Not that I do that often, but it’s just SO good. This is a new company I’ve been introduced to — Fiona’s Granola. The granola is actually salt free, vegan, & vanilla is my go-to flavor.

Hope this gave you some new ideas for snacks!

I’m off to coach our QUARTERFINAL soccer game today for my middle school girls! Wish us luck ;]

Feel free to check out FitSnack.Com/POWER to subscribe & be true to you,

xo Kasey




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