March 28, 2016 -
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Hi friends! I hope you had a great Easter Weekend —


Happy [belated] Easter from baby Powercakes! ;] I definitely missed my family & Corey yesterday but I was surrounded by some super supportive people out here in SD which made for a great Easter Sunday.

If you can’t tell — I obviously loved our yearly Easter egg hunts as a child. My grandparents would host an Easter egg hunt every year and we all got super into it — if you can’t tell by my dirty knees — I didn’t mess around. 

This month’s FitSnack box was basically like getting an adult Easter basket and I was not complaining.


This month was filled with some new items to try out like these Peaceful Fruit strips, Heavenly Organics mint chocolate honey patties, & Manitoba Hemp Bars (which I reviewed here!)


I was super pumped to try out these I Heart Keenwah puffs as I’m always looking for some good snacks that are a bit higher in protein. IMG_5173

FYI these were delicious! IMG_5175

I was literally so pumped about these Munk Packs Oatmeal Fruit Squeezes as they are PERFECT post workout. I can get in some carbs right after I train when sometimes I go right into a client session so these are perfect for the in between.IMG_5176

I’m not a huge jerky person to be honest (not sure why) but I did try out the Lawless Pork Jerky’s which weren’t bad at all before sharing them with my roommate. I also LOVED these LesserEvil brands super 4 snacks — I just snacked on them the other day while I had some down time by the pool and they were super crunchy and flavorful.

To finish out the package there were Health Without Hassle Vitafive packs & a Lemon Snackaroon from Laughing Giraffe Organics.

I love my FitSnack box monthly so if you’re interested you can just go to http://FITSNACK.COM/POWER to order yours. They’ve been a big support of the blog & I really appreciate their partnership!

Have an amazing start to your week guys & be true to you,

xo Kasey


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2 responses to “FITSNACK MARCH REVIEW!”

  1. I love trying new healthy snacks! And those quinoa puffs look amazing!

  2. Cassie says:

    I’ve seen Lawless Jerky EVERYWHERE. There was a pho flavor and I was like WHuuUUUUTTTT! Too bad I don’t eat red meat!

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