August 31, 2015 -
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Hey all! Hope you had a great weekend! It was beautiful here so we spent a ton of time outdoors.

If you haven’t checked it out yet – head over to YouTube & subscribe to my channel where I’ve been dedicating more time to showing you all what I eat, how I fuel my workouts, my training, & much more.


To kick this week off I wanted to first say congrats to Jessica Z for being the randomly chosen Steve’s Paleo Foods Winner! Please e-mail & thank you everyone for entering! :] xo

Today I want to share with you my lovely August Edition of Fit Snack Box! Each month I get a Fit Snack box delivered and it’s sort of like Christmas morning being that it is a total surprise to what you get. Me, being a total foodie, I get pumped every time I see this blue box arrive.


This month it was FULL of some new things to test out!


These Yummy Snack chips look awesome – made from mostly cheese, they pack a 5g of protein punch in 1 bag.IMG_1725

This Don’t Go Nuts roasted soybean spread it slightly sweet and made peanut & tree nut free.


THIS COOKIE SOUNDS SO GOOD! It’s mostly made from Peanut Flour & packs 16g of protein in one cookie! Check them out at Morning Sunshine Cookies.IMG_1729

I’m a fan of different drinks to try out & I’ve seen this Zuna around before so I’m pumped to give it a try.IMG_1726

Also, another favorite of mine is the Love Grown Foods Power O’s made from mostly beans!

Some other products pictured in the above box are Purely Elizabeth Granola, Balance Nutrition Bars, Trophy Nut Almonds, Kutoa Nutrition Bars, & MRM Veggie Protein.

I think this box is great if you’re just looking for a way to try samples of different products each month. If interested in signing up for the monthly box click here —-> [Sign Up For Fit Snack Box]!

Have a great rest of your Monday & be true to you,

xo Kasey



Thank you FitSnack! I am affiliated with FitSnack but as always, all opinions are my own!