Proper Form for Lat Pull-down

There was a lady in the gym this morning who was doing a “lat pull down” 

and pulling the bar behind her head.
(insert painful face expression here)

My mom, who is a personal trainer, will tell you that pulling the Lat Pull Down bar behind your head is one of the worst things you can do for your joints! It is an UN-natural movement that is putting stress on your joints instead of working your muscles.


This is the proper form..



not this…


I went to the other Lat Pull Down machine that was across from the women.

The women took notice of my form and 

proceeded to do her next set with proper form!

We made eye contact and smiled,
which made me feel like I taught her something new without saying anything :]

So there’s your fitness lesson of the day!

One of the most important reasons

for maintaining proper form is to prevent injuries.

3 responses to “Proper Form for Lat Pull-down”

  1. Amy says:

    I’ve been following you on Instagram for a while and just checked out your blog. I love it! Can’t wait to keep reading =)

    I see so many people at the gym doing exercises with bad form, it drives me nuts! I always want to tell them that they’re going to hurt themselves and that they won’t benefit as much from their workout, but I’m afraid they’ll freak out on me. I’m glad that woman changed to the proper form.

  2. Sarah Gaddes says:

    Soo so true! It hurts me to see people completing exercises with improper form. Ever since I damaged the cartilage in my knees, I’m even more aware of the importance of proper alignment when doing any exercise or activity. It really is essential to protecting your body.

    Sarah Gaddes

  3. Mandy Garcia says:

    When I am doing lat pull down, I always feel my back engage not enough. Especially with a heavyweight. I tried thinking about the elbow, but still, I’m not sure if I use all my back or more arm at the time.
    Still thanks for these tips!
    I learned the great chest press posture at ur channel, it helps me to engage my chest more instead of my shoulder.

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