Friday Favorites – Our newest fur-addition & more! ;]

March 23, 2018 -
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Hello my friends!! Gosh…where does time go!? Already Spring… (yet we still have snow on the ground). Gotta love the East Coast! ;]

It’s true — I’ve been a little MIA on social media & blogging lately….but for good reason.

I have a new lady in my life & her name is Kita (#kitacakes)! Anddd apparently it’s National Puppy Day!? Perfect timing.


My heart is so full … we’ve adopted an absolute sweetheart, with long legs like her mama, that has already changed our lives in so many ways.

This little girl was found on the streets of Mississippi as a young pup. Thanks to some awesome support of being approved for an emotional support animal where we live & the non-profit @canine_commitment, was fostered & cared for before finding her way to us in perfect timing.


They, at first, said she was a boxer & beagle mix but the vet thinks beagle & some kind of hound mix? I’d love to find out!


She also loves broccoli like her mama ;]


I figured I’d put her first 1) because she’s adorable & 2) you’ll be seeing her in the background of my pictures now and you may have wondered who she was ;] <3 more to come on her! xo


So let’s get to some of my other favorites over this last month, shall we?!

1) NOW FOODS new Organic Plant Protein!


Okkkkk this may be one of my TOP choices from NOW. I lean towards plant proteins as my daily protein shakes and these did not disappoint.

Kita obviously wishes that she could have some too ;]

2)  Munk Pack Protein Cookies & Oatmeal Squeeze Packs


Ok y’all these are SO good. There are a ton of different protein cookie options out there but I love that these are plant based! They are super moist and delish.


Plus, look at those chunks! ;]


Munk Pack also sent me their Oatmeal Fruit Squeeze’s which are honestly perfect for someone like me who is on the go and may need a “meal” or snack in between a workout, a client, and then a group class.

3) Carrington Organic Milled Flax


I’ve been a fan of flax for years due to it’s high omega & fiber content. I love adding it in recipes or oatmeal!

Funny story — I found a killer magic bar recipe from BakeToBeFit’s newsletter (she’s amazing!) and I needed flax…but was out….UNTIL I remembered that Carrington sent me over these samples & they saved the day! ;]


4) Nuzest Clean Lean Protein Bars


Kita was REAL interested in these ;] can you tell?


My friends at Nuzest sent me their new Clean Lean Protein Bars & they are great!


The week we got Kita…I was running around like crazy just getting used to having a new pup and getting her into the vet, etc. so these SAVED ME! I’m pretty sure I finished everything they sent me within a week.

If you’re looking for a good-tasting, plant based protein bar — these would be a perfect go-to!

Code “powercakes” gets you a discount on their site!


5) Monthly BUFFBOXX lovin’!


Y’all know I love my BUFFBOXX monthly boxes! It’s like a surprise present each month where you get new eats, performance products, & under armour apparel.

This month we got Good Karma Flax Milk, Re-play hydration, Per4m Power Tubes (love these for training and with my athletes!), & some awesome Under Armour shorts (I LOVE their shorts in the summer!).

You can use code “POWERCAKES” at checkout for a discount!


7) NEW Enlightened Ice Cream Flavors!


Flavors like Movie Night, Glazed Donut, Cookies N’ Cream, S’mores, & French Toast were sent to my doorstep and I was pumped!

My personal FAVORITE was the Cookies N’ Cream. I’m not a huge fan of “buttery” flavors like in the Movie Night but it wasn’t bad. I would rate these about 8/10 on flavor.



There you have it y’all! Some of my current favorites! ;]

Thank you for always being so patient with me on my blogging journey — I definitely “go with the flow” of my life & that’s what works for me!

Have an awesome weekend & be true to you,

xo Kasey


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5 responses to “Friday Favorites – Our newest fur-addition & more! ;]”

  1. Julie says:

    She is adorable!!!! You can do dog DNA testing. My sister did it because she was really curious. And they were totally wrong. Her dog is not a black lab at all! LOL

  2. Jamie king says:

    She’s so cute, Kasey! Yay for new puppies

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