Friday Favorites! Nuzest Cookie Protein Shake, Outdoor Technology, Matching your BFF, & Health Warrior Bars!

August 4, 2017 -
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Happy Friday, friends!! Hope you had an awesome week.

I’m back in the swing of things after traveling for most of July so I’m loving being back with my athletes & clients! AND with that being said, have been using a ton of new favorites I wanted to share that are perfect for summer!

FF (1)


Ok, seriously loving Nuzest Protein these days! I love plant based options & this pea protein has great flavor, consistency, & goes great in my Cookie Dough Protein Shake! ;]


Just blend in your favorite mixer (add a little more liquid if too thick or a bit more protein if too thin) & enjoy the vanilla flavor with small chunks of chocolate throughout — now who doesn’t love that?

File_001 (15)

A tip I have with my smoothies/shakes is to FREEZE your almond milk into cubes and use those instead of regular water cubes. This makes the drink SO much thicker!

File_000 (37)

What really should be noted here is my sunglass tan line that I’m rocking… ;] #trainerprobZ

My friends at Nuzest are offering you a 15% off discount using code “POWERCAKES” as well as an awesome giveaway they have going on that you can enter [here]!

2) Matching your BFF!

File_004 (4)

This has become one of my favorite recent pictures. When my bestie Sarah showed up to take my mom and I to the airport for our last trip to Las Vegas for IDEA and we literally were in matching outfits. Loved it!

3) Outdoor Tech Wireless 

You’ve probably been seeing this speaker in a ton of my IG stories and for good reason! I am super picky with bluetooth speakers because 1) I love good music when I’m training outdoors with my athletes, clients, & classes and 2) I don’t want it to die out on me after 1 hour.

File_002 (7)THIS Outdoor Tech Turtle Shell boom box is legit & I’m so glad I got to try it out! I take it outside with my peeps during the week and the battery lasts SO long.

It’s also a power bank so I can charge my phone on the go as well and has other benefits:

  • Waterproof
  • Bluetooth
  • Wireless
  • Microphone to take phone calls, etc.
  • 32 Foot wireless range
  • Floats
  • It also puts up to me dropping it 10X a day ;]

I truly am blown away with the NOISE this thing gives off — which is so key when outside.

File_006 (1)

I also got to try out their ear-buds which have the same capabilities of their turtle shell and are magnetized to not fall off your ears/neck which is awesome!

Check them out at @OutdoorTech!

4) Health Warrior Bars

Y’all know I’ve loved my health warrior bars for YEARS now and I’ve partnered up with them to bring you guys a discount code!

File_000 (36)

These Pumpkin Seed bars are so good & one of my go-to snacks before the gym for a little pick me up. Plus, I love anything cinnamon.

Code “Powercakes30” will give you 30% off at!

That’s all she wrote folks! I hope you enjoy some of these discounts from some awesome companies that I’m happy to call friends.

I’m off to the gym then Chipotle because…Chipotle is BAE.

Happy FRIDAY & be true to you,

xo Kasey


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3 responses to “Friday Favorites! Nuzest Cookie Protein Shake, Outdoor Technology, Matching your BFF, & Health Warrior Bars!”

  1. That cookie dough shake looks amazing! I definitely have to try it out! Health Warrior bars are also my favorite. The chocolate peanut butter bars and Mexican chocolate bars are the best!

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