Sea Salt Caramel Apple Pie, Our First Tree, and More [Friday Favorites]!

December 2, 2016 -
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Happy Friday, friends! I hope you had an awesome week & are pumped for your weekend! Can you believe it’s already DECEMBER! Corey and I just said to each other the other day that tomorrow (Saturday) we’ll be married for 5 months! Can’t believe how fast time goes.

I’m not against December being here though…because I love me some Christmas decorations! Corey and I got our “first tree” this year and I was so excited to decorate it.

I grew up getting real trees that my Dad would bring back from camp but with Corey and I going home to Pittsburgh for 3 weeks for the Holiday’s — it just didn’t make sense to get a real one.

I ended up getting this one at Bed Bath & Beyond for under $100! I was pumped and of course used the good ol’ 20% off coupons.



Most of my tree decorations are from either The Dollar Store, Hobby Lobby, or leftover from our wedding this summer. I used our burlap table runners for garland around the tree, got the lights and some ornaments at Hobby Lobby, and got most of the tree bulbs from The Dollar Store!

I stuck with a red and gold theme and then added some extra pops of color.

The one thing I’m pumped about was THE TOPPER! My mom has a gorgeous tree topper and I was so inspired to create one for myself. I literally just took 2 already done red bows from Hobby Lobby and tied them together to create one big puffy bow on top of the tree. I then used pipe cleaners to tie on pieces glitterly gold ribbon that I pre-cut to make extra layers coming from the top.

I then used 3 long gold ribbons that I cut to tie onto the top and let them curl down the sides.

I hope that makes sense because it was SO simple and I am super pleased with my non-DIY skills ;] !

Favorite 2) Here’s a little DIY trick…


I had leftover glass vases from Hobby Lobby that we used for candy at our Wedding. I took extra ornaments and a pine cone mix I got on sale at Hobby Lobby and filled each of the vases with them for extra decor.

Favorite 3) Winter Recipes!


I don’t know about you but I am in love with baking apples and cranberry flavored everything. For Thanksgiving this year…I made a Sea Salt Caramel Apple Pie that was super duper simple.


file_005-1I bought a pre-made double crust from Whole Foods. I put one of the pie crusts in the bottom of a pie pan and then filled it with my Caramel Apple Mixture before weaving a basket of crust on top before baking.



Sea Salt Caramel Apple Pie Filling

  • 6 Small/Medium Apples Of Choice
  • 1/4 Cup Kerrygold Butter
  • 1/4 Cup Flour Of Choice (I had brown rice on hand)
  • Cinnamon (2 TB or so — I love Cinnamon!)
  • Sprinkles of Ginger + Nutmeg + Pink Salt (a little extra to get that sea salt kick)
  • 1 Cup Now Foods Sugarless Sugar


How To:

  1. Add your butter to a large pan on medium heat and let melt down.
  2. Add in your flour, spices, sugar, and sea salt until almost a “caramel” forms.
  3. Add in your apples and coat them thoroughly.
  4. Reserve about 1/4 cup of your caramel sauce to top the pie with.
  5. Add another hit of pink salt and then pile the apple mixture into your pie pan.
  6. Top with the second crust however you’d like to and then add a bit of your caramel mixture to the top crust and a sprinkle of sugarless sugar and pink salt.
  7. Bake by the directions on your pie crust box.


Did I also mention we had some cute guests on Thanksgiving?? Lily & Luna!


When your friends need a dog-sitter for Thanksgiving you don’t hesitate to raise hands! ;] I mean..just look at them..they seriously are best friends.



I loooove good smelling soap and especially if it has all natural ingredients. My skin is super sensitive to I always stick to natural products for the bod. My friends at Power Clean Soap sent over these awesome soaps that they make.

They make Certified Organic Soap and don’t use any chemicals like SLS, parabens, or detergents; just essential oils and plant materials.

They also make some KILLER “flavors” or “scents” like….COFFEE BAR! Anything coffee I’m a fan of.


They definitely leave you with a clean feeling and they smell amazing — just saying! Thank you Power Clean Soap! xo



I also loooove my new bracelet from my monthly Wantable and am always looking for a good reason to wear my accessories! 

I posted this to Instagram not too long ago…I love fitness & fueling my body…but I also love seriously good burgers & date nights with my husband 💛🍔. I think it’s so easy to slip into a perfectionism approach to eating and we feel “less than” if we eat something “not healthy”. Finding BODYpeace is all about also finding balance with food that you truly enjoy and also food you enjoy to fuel yourself with. Balance for me is allowing both without restriction.

Which goes perfectly into this quote that I am loving for this week:


Listen…it is SO easy to fall into the comparison trap with fitness, food, & life. The biggest challenge we all may face is focusing on OURSELVES and not letting comparison alter the way we feel about ourselves.

I challenge you this week to tap into YOU and define yourself by what YOU truly want.

Have an awesome weekend & be true to you,

xo Kasey

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