Friday Favorites – Sky-rides, Chocolate, Protein Favorites, anddd Protein Lasagna!?

November 3, 2017 -
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Happy Friday, friends!! It’s time for another Friday Favorite here while we gear up for the weekend!

I truly love being able to share favorites with y’all because I really hope it helps you with new ideas of food and items to try out.

I get a ton of questions from my clients on alternatives & higher protein foods since that tends to be the area that’s harder for them to hit for their macros goals, so hopefully some of these ideas will help you too! :]

But first, let’s start with chocolate.

1) Good Day Chocolate


I remember when I first saw these in a small health food store & instantly grabbed the “relax” box because chocolate & relaxing just go hand-in-hand, right?

Good Day Chocolate is a genius concept combining chocolate with non-GMO ingredients!

They have hand selected all natural & pharmaceutical grade nutraceuticals then mixed them with premium fair trade dark and milk chocolate combinations so you get a natural and easily controllable treat.


I’ve been a fan of Rise Bars for a few years after trying them at a fitness convention. I love how they have minimal ingredients so you know what’s going into your body.

I also love that they have whey protein versions & vegan so you’ve got options to pick from.

They are soft, chewy, & even for minimal ingredients — SUPER flavorful.

My top pick is Lemon Cashew (OMG so good)!


3) Nuzest Vita Kick & NEW flavors!


I’ve been loving their Quick Vita Kick in the morning — this flavor of chocolate mint is BOMB!! I just mix with a little almond milk & it’s like a mini smoothie. So good!

They also just launched their new Functional Flavors — check these flavors out!


Chai Turmeric + Maca, Vanilla Matcha or Coffee Coconut + MCTs


These protein choices mix well and I honestly am pretty simple with them by making a “protein pudding” by just mixing 2 scoops with some almond milk until thick! I love their flavor.

My friends at Nuzest are offering you a 15% off discount using code “POWERCAKES”.



I remember when I first discovered True Lemon in the store a few years back and literally thought I found the biggest kept secret! I’m obsessed with their lemonade mixes that go perfectly in water & are sweetened naturally & with stevia.


I always travel with them! So convenient if you’re into a sweet drink but don’t want all of the sugar.

5) Explore Asian Noodles


I talk about these ALLLL of the time on my Instagram stories so y’all may have seen them before! They are organic bean pasta that packs a PROTEIN PUNCH to your meals.

It’s an awesome plant based protein source in your weekly meal prep & they taste just like noodles! I just made a PROTEIN LASAGNA this week for Corey & I and omgggggg it was SO SO good.


Want me to share this recipe!?  Gotta comment below! ;]

6) Fall Foliage & Sky-rides


I’m 100% committed to Fall now that I see the beautiful leaves changing so Corey & I went to a local Apple Fest to take a skyride over the foliage.

I mean, look at this view!



I hope you have an awesome weekend! My winter training kicks off this weekend for my athletes so I’m super pumped to get back into it with my girls!

Have you ever tried any of these favorites!?

Be true to you,

xo Kasey



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