Exploring Santa Monica & Muscle Beach!

February 15, 2016 -
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Happy Monday everyone! Hope you had a great Valentine’s Day & long weekend ;]

We had a great Sunday Funday workout for Valentines with my awesome ladies…


They got bonus points for getting in a sweat on V-Day!

Being in California is pretty incredible — if it isn’t the 75 degree temps in February that win you over, it’s definitely the views.


Just driving on the highways are full of mountains & palm trees in every direction.


And I wasn’t in workout clothes? It’s a miracle!

On Friday I headed up to Santa Monica to visit one of my best friends (Sarah aka Bittie) who was in visiting her really good friend Rhea!


Me & my girl Sarah

Rhea and Sarah met through marathon running and became instant friends. They are both rockstars and run amazing marathon times.


They were spending the day in Santa Monica Friday before watching the Olympic Marathon trials in LA on Saturday so I decided to drive up to hang out for the day.


The whole ride (about 2 hours) was filled with amazing views. If you follow me on Snapchat (@Powercakes) you maybe got to see our whole day but if not, no worries, I’ve got the pictures for you below! ;]


It sure was awesome to have sand between my toes in mid-February.

Once we all met up we hung at the beach for a while…I looked down to my left & saw a bunch of people down the beach and I asked Rhea if we were close to Muscle Beach. She said it was just about a mile away so we HAD to go check it out!


When you get a chance to flex by the Muscle Beach sign — you take it!


If you’ve never been…it’s basically an outdoor gym (since in California you can totally do that) that the claims say has been around since 1934. There are also a ton of rings & bars to play on in the sand so we definitely do advantage of that.


The views seriously stole the show though…


We checked out some street performers & then headed back to EAT because us girls were hangryyy. The sun was starting to go down and it was so so beautiful.


Dinner was at a place called Brick & Mortar – I highly recommend it! They had a ton of options from sandwiches to pizza and awesome salads all in a super cozy brick lined restaurant.

Not the best picture quality since it was dark but this Ahi Tuna salad with kale, beets, & goat cheese was TO DIE FOR.

IMG_4988 All in all it was a great day not only to explore California a bit but also see one of my best friends AND meet a new friend, Rhea! You can find both of these inspirational chicks on Instagram –

Sarah = @Lesky27

Rhea = @run_rhea_run

I’m off to have a few clients so I hope you guys have a great rest of your day and get out there and explore! ;]

Be true to you,

xo Kasey