What EAT. LIFT. THRIVE. Means To Me

April 11, 2018 -
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3 simple yet complex words with such a history for me.


Thank you Sohee Fit for this reminder…if you’re not following her – please do! She is AMAZING and has an outstanding range of content she posts…PLUS these adorable tank tops that she offers.

I was so inspired the second I saw this tank top to 1) not only ROCK it because it’s what I believe in as well but 2) share what these 3 words mean to me at 28 years old…

blacklineE A T:

My first eating disorder was when I was 10. I had severe anxiety which led me to “controlling” my food in order to be in control of something (which at the time, gives you peace). I listened to anything I heard on TV like “don’t eat after 6pm” which is a myth but, my 10 year-old-self would have massive anxiety if I ate anything at 6:01pm.

I was ruled by a clock & my anxiety. I went to therapy for years & it truly saved me with the amazing support of my family.

In college, EAT took on a whole new anxiety. I wanted to look a certain way & I would go to some extreme measures to do it. Put myself on a “diet” that I knew nothing about doing & worked out 2-3 times a day in order to attain “abs” or “perfection”.

Guess what? I got abs..along with some of the most unhealthy moments of my life. Hair falling out, gut issues, pigheadedness, no menstrual cycle, & I was far from “thriving.”

My light bulb moment was when I was student teaching & realized I was telling them to fuel their bodies yet I wasn’t.

How would I be a role model to these students that I was so passionate about teaching?

I started to slowly incorporate more food & less workouts & it took TIME.


Years of challenging myself daily to eat a bit more & love myself for who I was without chasing perfection.

Now, I eat to FUEL.


This was a smoked salmon fritatta at breakfast with mamacakes
when I was visiting home! (First Watch Cafe is the BEST!)

I have a nutrient dense base with no foods off-limit (if I want a donut, cookie, etc. I EAT it because life’s too short not to enjoy in a moderation that works for you) it took a long time but it’s such a big milestone for me.

blacklineL I F T:

I LOVE lifting & being strong. I also love knowing that I can always improve & get STRONGER.

I love challenging myself yet not crushing myself with cardio as a safety net. I lift multiple days a week & then throw in bodyweight movements & classes because I truly ENJOY them.

Finding a balance of lifts, intensity, & rest/recovery is something I’m always finding for myself.


(shout out to my awesome facial expressions when lifting, haha!)

For too long I took lifting & eating to an extreme and I believe it’s so important to be CONSISTENT and NOT extreme.

Do what you ENJOY to be strong & feel awesome.

T H R I V E:

When I put the above together, I’m thriving so much more & am thankful that I can help others do the same.


What does EAT. LIFT. THRIVE. mean to you?

Be true to you,

xo Kasey

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10 responses to “What EAT. LIFT. THRIVE. Means To Me”

  1. Sherrie says:

    Kasey…I love this.
    I can totally relate and have done so much toxic stuff to my body AND mind for so many years. Only until recently and through healthy programs, learning, and through HELPING others was I TRULY able to DO the things I was telling/encouraging others to do.
    I am 42 years old.
    So many years of so much unhealthy thinking and doing.

    Eat- I have learned balance…that there CAN be balance and love with food and nourishment. I have learned what works for me and what CAN work for others. I have also learned it is not easy, that it is a day to day struggle at times. I am a work in progress….but I am healthier than ever and love that my fuel is now not a punishment.

    LIFT- I love lifting. Where once, like you, I pushed myself with the cardio and hours and PUNISHED myself with exercise, I now LOVE seeing muscle. It is no longer about the scale but, about how I feel and what I can DO….rather than that number.
    Lift also means lifting others up through what I have learned and where I am going.

    Thrive- Like you said…through all I have learned and all the above…I thrive. I thrive on my progress, my resilience, my learning, and the way that others can do the same with me, through me…because of me.

  2. Sohee Fit is SO inspiring to me. I love her Instagram photos, as her approach to fitness is honest, simple, and realistic! Your stories about your relationship with food and how you fell in love with weight training are phenomenal. I had a similar experience with restricting my food groups and macros for the sake of aesthetics, but learned to channel my motives towards strength and performance in order to love training and eating (YES EATING OMG) again!

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