July Favorites! Downlite Cooling Mattress Topper Review, FABFITFUN Summer Box Code, Beach, and Post-Wedding Hair Chop!

July 25, 2016 -
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Hi friends! Hope you had an awesome weekend! We hit the beach with out friends John & Vanessa who have the most adorable baby, Kennedy!



I love weekends in the summer where we’ve got time to hit the beach after an awesome busy week.

As far as busy though – I absolutely wouldn’t have it any other way. I love being outside with my soccer girls & getting to see them multiple days a week for summer training.


Watermelon smiles on a hot summer day


Iced drinks after a morning session

I love my girls & am so thankful to be a coach, trainer, & mentor while I see them improve with hard work all summer.

With the days being super warm now — not going to lie that our AC is on over time. I’m the kind of human that is SUPER HOT while I sleep — and no I’m not talk about my looks…HA! Talking about my body temp.

Even in the winter I have a fan blowing on me. I’d rather be under blankets than on top of them gasping for air.

Being dramatic there…but seriously I love me some coolness while I sleep.

Screenshot 2016-07-21 at 3.57.05 PM

#2 Favorite of the post goes to DOWNLITE!

Thanks to my friends at DOWNLITE for helping out my hottness – they sent over their Sealy Posturepedic Cool Touch Outlast Mattress Pad which I am loving!


A bit about the product:

“Not only was Outlast® created for NASA to keep astronauts cool, it now keeps you comfy as well! 300 thread count Egyptian cotton graces this cooling mattress pad with special applied layers of Blue Outlast® where your torso lies on the bed.

Proudly made in America, this mattress pad is generously filled with hypoallergenic polyester filling for plush comfort. Our exclusive Infinity Skirt® provides a secure fit for mattresses up to 18 inches. Easy to care for, this Outlast mattress pad is machine washable and dryable. When drying, do not use fabric softener or dryer sheets. “

Can you tell that my child…I mean husband! was super excited? ;]



Sleep is SO important for us guys & I can totally tell a difference in my day if I’ve gotten enough sleep or not. As far as fitness + sleep…what a combo! Sleep helps you rebuild your muscles as you catch some Zzzz’s. I am always stressing the importance of REST with my clients and athletes.

Downlite also sent over a few of their pillows which are a game changer!

I have used an old pillow from years ago…for years…and my neck was starting to pay for it. I’d wake up feeling like I slept like a pretzel and would have small headaches from it to start my day.

With the PILLOWS I am loving the way I wake up now — honestly no more pain in the neck and I look forward to my sleep every single night.

My friends at DOWNLITE are offering all Powercakes readers a 20% off coupon code for the mattress pad by using “SOC0014″ at checkout (expires 8/31/16).

Favorite #3) Summer time with the HUBBY!

My forever brunch date <3 

Corey and I love getting brunch on Sunday’s and heading to the beach or hang out outside. Sunday is an off day for both of us — no gym or work — so we take full advantage of our time together.

Plus, breakfast food is my favorite so it’s a win-win.


This was one of my behind the scenes favorite pictures post-wedding where I wanted to title “married life is going great!” haha — typical.



Close to where Corey lives is HANK’S CUSTARD which is a childhood favorite of mine. Growing up my Grandma Mimi had a lake home there & we would — every night — go mini-golfing, go-carting, & then get Hank’s. We made the 30 minute drive for this beauty and it was worth every lick.


It’s so nice just to be at a place where I enjoy ALL foods in a nice balance that works for me. No regrets — just happiness. #bodypeace

Favorite #5) DOLE WHIP!

Have you ever tried this!? omg it’s basically fruit soft serve from DOLE. They have it locally now in Pittsburgh so I gave it a try after the gym one day.


File_000 (6)

I get SO pumped for my quarterly FABFITFUN box. They are filled with FULL size items from the season. Summer being my favorite — I was excited to see what it had in store.

Use code KASEY for $10 off your $49.99 subscription! You get over $200 worth of product for $39.99! ;]




Gosh I couldn’t WAIT to do this!! I’ve had long long hair for so so long and I was pumped to get a short STYLE that I could actually (easily) style each day. As much as I loved my messy bun daily…it was time to cut the dead ends and get a big girl hair cut.

I went with a short to long collar bone length cut and I am in LOVE! Especially for the summer it’s easy and light.

I’ll leave you today with one of my favorite quotes…


“It is impossible to walk on the beach without making an imprint in the sand & taking part of it with us. Life is very much the same” ⚓️☀️ #myhappyplace

Have a GREAT start to your week guys & be true to you,

xo Kasey



Have you ever chopped off your hair!? Something so freeing about it.