Courtney’s Fall Bridal Shower [Recap] & DIY Ideas!

September 22, 2014 -
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Hey all! I hope you had a great weekend. Heather was in for 2 weeks and we couldn’t believe how fast time flew by! While my girl was in we got SO much done for our upcoming book launch …. in 8 DAYS! hiyo!


In 8 days you can pre-order your own copy of our BODYpeace book. Heather and I have definitely put our heart into this project & we cannot wait to continue to spread this movement!

For the past 2 weeks Heather & I joked that we were basically roommates since in our family we are extremely open arms to guests staying with us. Last Sunday, I was on Bridesmaid duty for my girl Courtney’s Bridal Shower, so Mamacakes was pumped to have Heather to herself all day; since she is basically my parents second daughter.

Now when it comes to gifts, I’m not the most “pinteresty” type of person- meaning, I sure do love looking at Pinterest & getting a ton of ideas and pretending that I will wear those perfect outfits one day that companies pair together ;] but when it comes to being creative with crafts & DIY – I am usually begging looking to my sister-in-law or best friend Sarah to help a sister out.

Have I mentioned how much I love Weddings? Gosh, they just make me so happy. And the fact that Court asked me to be in the wedding just makes me feel so honored. Side note: Court and I have been friends since College, studied the same Major (Health & Phys. Ed!), trained together daily in the gym, & she also introduced me to my man – mister Coreycakes.


For Courtney’s Fall themed wedding, I was determined to be crafty & do a basket all by myself! (I’m a big girl now). My inspiration came from my introduction to one of the world’s most amazing culinary tools….the VEGGETTI. If you haven’t heard of the veggetti – I suggest running to your local Bed Bath & Beyond (store of everythinggg) to find this amazing “As Seen On TV” tools that turns vegetables into pasta.



My sister in law used this once for a pasta night at her house & it was on my wish list for a while since then. I finally made my way to Bed Bath & Beyond to scoop one up for Courtney (and also one for me made it’s way into my cart).

My let’s be crafty side knew that heading to Patcatans was the best bet to find a ton of fun fall essentials. Have you ever been to a craft store and instantly just wanted to start decorating every inch of your house? Yes, happens often.

I talked to an adorable employee and asked about “these spaghetti looking parchement type paper basket stuffing things” that I needed to fill my basket to add some more volume. Thank goodness she could make out what I was trying to describe & led me right to these.


I had recently purchased a cute bin that Courtney could use for storage then stuffed it with my spaghetti parchment stuffing stuff. I then started adding in my gifts that consisted of a whole “Falling In Love” theme. (I really can’t even take credit for that title since her Bridal Shower cards had that on them).

fall bridal shower basket powercakes

Along with the Veggetti, I included some fresh zucchini, fall shaped pasta, butternut squash pasta sauce, cinnamon sugar pumpkin seeds, & a bottle of Apple Spice wine. I also grabbed a few fall add-ins from Patcatans like the felt leave coasters & stems for some added Fall touches. I have to admit, I was pretty proud of myself.

The Bridal Shower was also filled with some great ideas for those looking for some Wedding Inspiration!

Cupcake cakes – HOW CUTE!


Groom Cake


Bride Cake



Cowboy boot (unworn) stuffed with fresh flowers on the cake table.

For centerpieces, each bridesmaid was in charge of bringing a pie that we wrapped up & gave away to 1 winner at each table. We put them on top of wood pieces and they were the perfect rustic focal point!


Did I mention how much I love weddings? I love seeing how happy Courtney was & the outpouring of love from her family as she opened all of her gifts.h


How adorable are her nieces? Two of the best helpers.


I was in charge of writing down the gifts and during that, I came across this cute card – side (mushy) note, this is how Corey & I hold hands. Aweee, but it did put a smile on my face.



Courtney & her awesome mother Cheryl.


Myeslf, Courtney, & Lindsey – the 3 of us trained together daily in college and they were the best gym partners & motivators!


I love the moment when the Groom shows up with flowers – Ryan is such a great guy!!


Family pictures – how cute is Ryan’s mom in this one?


The soon to be Newlyweds!IMG_3544

Myself & all of the gorgeous bridesmaids! Can’t wait for October 25th to celebrate Courtney & Ryan’s big day! <3

Be true to you,

xo Kasey


PS Congrats to the Momentum Jewelry Athletic Wrap Winner – Jen!

jen winner


What is your most recent DIY project?