October 31, 2017 -
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Happy Tuesday friends! I hope you had an awesome weekend.

Just wanted to share a bit about our weekend as I am currently thousands of feet in the air traveling back from South Carolina.


For those who don’t know, my family lives in SC and one of my cousin’s is a Cheerleader at Clemson University. I’ve always loved the south since my family has been there for almost 14 years now and we visit often.


Ironically enough, Corey’s brother Adam and his wife Michelle ended up moving about 30 minutes from my family after Michelle ended her rotations for becoming an Optometrist and took a job locally.


It was on our goal list that Corey & I created to get to a Clemson game this Fall to see the family & Kelsi cheer.

We started off the weekend with Corey’s brother Adam picking us up at the airport & heading to their house to see their adorbale 2 year old beagle, Lady.


They rescued her from a pound earlier this year & she is such a sweetie.

We then headed to Duck Donuts as 1) I’ve never been and always have seen great things & 2) it’s literally right down the road from their house. #WINNING


Later that evening we headed to a local high school football game where my 2 cousins, Kaylie & Kyra were cheering. I love me some Friday Night Lights!

Post game we relaxed with some wine (in an awesome bedazzled candy corn glass), sweatshirts, & little miss Kennedy.


To keep the cuddling with all of the dogs tradition going, my family has an adorable 7 year old maltipoo named Kennedy who makes it super hard to get out of bed when she’s snuggled up so close.

I mean, LOOK at that face! (can you tell we want a dog? Haha hopefully close to making that happen!)


After the cuddle sesh, we packed up the car and headed to Clemson for a day of tailgating before the 8pm game against Georgia Tech.


Unfortunately the weather was very un-south-carolina-like with wind, rain, & storms so we hung out under the tent for most of the tailgate before heading into the stadium.


Even though it was pouring down rain and we were drenched to the bone, the experience was so awesome. There really isn’t anything like that game-day feel in a huge stadium like Clemson.


The crowd, no matter how soaked & covered in ponchos, was full of energy.

Our seats were super close to the field and we even got to go down on the field after for pictures with my cousin Kelsi and to check out the field even closer.


So awesome.

In moments like these where the conditions may not be “ideal” we kept saying “we’re making memories!” and just laughed about it as we were soaked but still having fun.

That’s what life is all about.

Sunday we got to see the campus before heading back to my Aunts. We spent the rest of the day at their home with Corey’s brother & sister-in-law just relaxing and watching some football. (what Sunday’s are made of).

Trips like these always go too fast but are so worth taking the time to plan, fly, & experience because in the end family is so important & memories are always made.


I hope you have an awesome start to your week! Go Tigers!

Be true to you,

Xo Kasey



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  1. Marty says:

    Glad you had fun despite the rain.

    The Fitness Bro

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