Christmas Recap – Feeling Blessed With Family, Friends, & Food

December 31, 2015 -
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Oh, it’s so good to be home <3 There is just something about this time of year that is pretty magical.


Family, food, & good times — and did I say food? Because there is nothing like some home cooking.

I have to admit that I do fall into the trap of squeezing in a lot whenever I’m back in town and I can get pretty run down because of it — hence me spending new years on the couch and nothing but the couch ;] but in the end, these memories are priceless.


  1. Papacakes, myself, & my sister-in-law Angie


2) Our friend Lou rocking a very festive outfit with a kiss on the cheek for our (91 years young) Aunt Rita!  Speaking of Aunt Rita..she loves her “very modern” disposable cameras —


She loves getting pictures printed and she laughs because the disposable ones are so hard to find now!

3) It may take us 10 times to get an actual picture…

But I am so blessed to have this family <3


4) as well as my future-in-laws!


5) Visiting my Tennis girls that I used to train in Pittsburgh and seeing one of your girls rocking a powercakes tank ;]


6) My Future sister-in-laws Michelle & Jessie with mama Gale in the middle.


7) Seeing friends & their adorable little ones!! Little Ali is the cutest dang thing.


8) Surprising my family with some Peace, Love, & Little Donuts on a Saturday morning.


9) Having a casual acoustic show in the living room thanks to my talented bro & his friend Tony.

10) Papacakes is STILL the kind of pancakes (powercakes) and they are continually getting better with every batch we eat.

11) Getting these (very truthful) mugs for Christmas, love them! ;]

12) Food…oh the food! Christmas dinner was on point with turkey, sides, & wine in my favorite reindeer glass. IMG_3637

13) More food! My dad makes homemade pepperoni rolls that are my favorite and my aunt makes a salmon salad that is to die for. Put them together on a plate and call it a day.IMG_3665

14) Corey and I got his brother Wilson a box of Lenny & Larry cookies for Christmas. Have you had these before? They are SO good!IMG_3652

15) Corey’s brother Adam looking sharp in his new Scarf we got him from Old Navy.IMG_3653

16) My family obviously knows me too well ;] some of my gifts included money on different food items. IMG_3672

17) Aunt Kasey here got some of my niece & nephew pups some kettlebell tennis balls! I couldn’t pass them up.IMG_3651

18) With traveling all over to see family, B UP bars were a life savor for snacking in the car rides! My favorite is the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

Code “Powercakes29” gets you a discount at checkout!

19) And this guy…couldn’t do it all without him. He’s my rock & biggest supporter and spending time together is my favorite.

But my all-time-favorite thing? The memories we make over times like this.

It’s not often that everyone gets to see each other or let alone spend days with each other so I find myself loving the “quiet” times when we’re all just sitting together in the living room laughing & catching up.

All of the gifts & food are great but it’s the family that makes all the memories.

I hope you had an amazing Holiday & A HAPPY HAPPY New Year! Thank YOU all for all of your support with what I do and encouraging this passion of mine.

I’m off to enjoy this day & relax. I’ve got a big announcement coming in an upcoming post so I hope you’ll tune in to see what’s next on this Adventure I call life ;]

Be true to you always,

xo Kasey



I want to know your favorite memory this Holiday Season!? Share below! xo


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  1. Cassie says:

    What a beautiful family and fun-filled celebration you had! The food looks absolutely on point!

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