Building Those Biceps, Breakfast & Lunch Favorites!

March 10, 2015 -
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What’s up everyoneeee! Have you registered for the Week Of Wellness? It kicked off yesterday and if you got your calendar after RSVPing – make sure to follow along with the info provided!


Currently I’m visiting the boy for a week which is the last trip before I make the big move out here. Today is a WHOPPING 45 degrees and you would think I’m a new person.

Do you feel me? It’s like those first few days of spring-like weather or a warm u instantly change my mood. Corey & I plan to take a walk later after he’s done with work to take advantage of it!

Another reason why my mood was boosted may be due to this awesome package from my friends at Nutrex Hawaii which made my instantly flash back to my Hawaii Trip..


I’m a proud member of Team BioAstin & it’s a FOOD from the ocean that I highly stand behind. If you haven’t heard about Spirulina, BioAstin, and their benefits – check out my recap post here.

Use code BETRUE25 for 25% off your order!

Another favorite while I’ve been traveling, LUNCH! Usually when I’m on the go during the week my lunch is on the go as well. It’s been nice to be able to whip up a meal during the afternoon while I do my computer work.


Can’t wait to show you what I’ve been workiN on! ;] anywho – gave my kale greens a massage with hummus, nutritional yeast (aka nooch you can find in bulk bins @ whole foods), Dijon mustard, fresh lemon juice, sea salt, & pepper. Also tossed in some tuna, olives, & roasted red peps with a side of @simply7snacks quinoa chips! have you tried them yet? #OBSESSED

Before lunch came breakfast post 6am spin class.

I love taking other classes while I travel to meet new people and get some new ideas! Always learning.


This was so delicious ;] oats topped with @vega_team chocolate “pudding” (just mixed it with @so_delicious milk until thick), almond butter, pom seeds, & @madeinnature dried fruit tropical blend! Made in nature is one of the companies a part of the WEEK OF WELLNESS so make sure you are registered! xo

Breakfast & lunch were the perfect fuel for a gym date with the boy later on that day for some lifting.

We hit some back with bent over barbell rows, 1 arm rows, rear delt face pulls, & then decided to work on those curlZ for the girlZ — because there’s nothing wrong with embracing those arms!


Looking to build your arms? Don’t neglect the small fine tuning like biceps & triceps! Working on these muscles will also benefit your other lifts such as rows & shoulder presses.

We did a 1 arm cable curl.

  • Stand facing away from the low cable and grip the handle with palms up.
  • Keep your core tight & your elbow CLOSE to your body as you lift using the bicep muscle and SQUEEZE at the top.
  • Reverse the movement SLOWLY as the “negative” motion also works the biceps on the way down.
  • Repeat this until you can’t perform another rep!

This is truly about a “mind muscle connection” so focus in on those muscles that are working, take it slow, & you will feel the muscle do it’s thang.

Tips, workouts, & membership benefits will all be included in my new online training at so make sure you sign up for the newsletter!!

I’m off to get some wifi help since my iPad & Corey’s apartment are not mixing very well…hence why I’m totally writing this post while Corey’s on his lunch break. The things you do for love & blogging.

Have a great one & be true to you,

xo Kasey


What is your favorite arm exercise?