October 17, 2015 -
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HAPPY SATURDAY! I’m now home for a few days to see my friends & family before I head to California for a business trip. It was a perfect time to come home & visit — plus I’ve missed everyone for sure.

Keep up to date on the next weeks adventures on Snapchat (@powercakes) & Instagram if we haven’t already connected there! Before I left to fly home, I received a new box from my friends at BUFF BOXX which was perfect timing to bring along some new snacks and products on my trip.


You guys know I love a good start-up background story so let’s chat about what BUFF BOXX is?

BUFF BOXX is a monthly subscription box founded by Robert who was inspired by a monthly pet box that his dog, Lebron, was receiving each month. He thought…why not do this for humans?


Right then, Buff Boxx was founded and they now deliver premium, name brand apparel, accessories, nutritional snacks, supplements, meals and workout guides gives you everything you need to be a better you! (read the full story here).


When I was first introduced to BUFF BOXX, I instantly checked out their website and was blown away with what they offer per month in their subscription.

I saw companies they partner with like Kill Cliff, SFH Supplements, & KIND Snacks as well apparel, fitness accessories, & more!– it’s safe to say I was pumped.
IMG_1666 XFIT Loop headphones are PERFECT for doing body weight exercises since you don’t have to worry about them falling out.IMG_1665

Justin’s Almond Butter & free Suja juice – yess please.

Plus….I’m a huge fan of a surprise every time you get a new box each month — just saying.


SFH Pre-Workout that I can’t wait to try! I don’t do a lot of Preworkout powder…if anything, coffee, but I’m always up for trying something new especially when it’s a trusted company.

My friends at BUFF BOXX donate proceeds of the boxes towards different charities of your choice upon checkout!

They are also offering you a 20% discount by using code POWERCAKES at checkout — it’s a win-win peeps!

I’m off to get some more work done before I start getting ready for a Halloween party tonight! Have a great weekend.


Be true to you,

xo Kasey



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