Benefits of grapefruit & CHEST POWER CIRCUIT! #PROOF

March 31, 2012 -
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Good Morning! Winking smile
Hope you’re enjoying your Saturday so far!
I’m home for the weekend & I’m loving it!

I had one of those “moments” this week when everything got really stressful all in the same day.
It was one of those moments where you ask yourself “Can this day get any worse?”
and then it does…
BUT! There’s nothing that a few tears & a phone call to your Mom can’t fix!

Sometimes you need a good cry in order to see that those problems aren’t really that bad
and things could be worse;
so I decided to have a better attitude about the situation!

I really like the quote…
“It’s never to late to start your day over.”

So that’s what I did; Even if it was 6 pm!Smile

Anyway, I wanted to share with you all about my new work out routine!
I’ve been getting super bored with the usual HIIT on the elliptical
so lately I’ve been watching some YouTube videos to get ideas for interval TABATA work outs!

I’ve been taking different movements & incorporating them into my own work out.

During my lunch break, I write up my work out for that day…

For example,

I’m still doing a split work out through out the week;
I focus on a different muscle group a day.

Monday: Chest (push)
Tuesday: Back (pull)
Wednesday: Rest or Plyos/cardio

(depending on how I’m feeling,
I’ve been thinking about adding in a 2nd rest day
to my weeks and this may be the day I choose!)

Thursday: Shoulders (push)
Friday: Bi’s & Tri’s (push & pull)
Saturday: Legs
Sunday: Rest

I alternate between “Push” &  “Pull” days to give the other muscle groups a rest.

So I start my POWER-CIRCUIT work outs with stationary movements;

For example; Chest day started with 3 sets of bench press right into chest flies.

Then I move onto my TABATA intervals and do 20 seconds of work with 10 seconds of rest
for 12-20 minutes depending on the movements I choose!

An example would be:
6 rounds (minutes) of Burpees (20 seconds on- rest 10) then into
Hand Release Push-ups (20 seconds, 10 second rest)

Hand Release Push-Ups
(start on the ground, push your body up into a plank, go back down to the ground,
nice and controlled,
and then release your hands up and squeeze into your upper back.
Then place your hands back down on the floor and repeat the push up into a plank.)

then 6 rounds of Mountain Climbers & push-ups

(this was a killer chest work out!)
I always end with 3 rounds of Ab Work!
(I’ll be sharing these soon!)

I’m all sweaty and out of breath at the end,
So I feel like I get a GREAT work out.

Lately, if you see my tweets about #PROOF;
The FitFluential Peeps have been posting pictures of PROOF of our workouts!

PROOF 28 min
This was #PROOF of my 28 minute CHEST POWER-CIRCUIT

I love this idea because it keeps us motivated & it’s a great way to share work out ideas!!

Yesterday I had an awesome Bicep/Tricep
that I will be sharing on #MIRRORLESSMONDAY
because I’m proud of my #PROOF pic for that! Winking smile

So onto some #POWERFOODS
It’s true, I’m kinda obsessed loving INSTAGRAM

I upload all of my #powermeal pics & fitness pics on there!
check me out @POWERCAKES

This morning I posted my breakfast with some facts about Grapefruit;

Consider eating more grapefruit! One of the many health benefits of grapefruit is that it aids in weight loss.
Grapefruit is high in fat burning enzymes & has a high water content.
This speeds up your metabolism!!
Detox the body by eating more vegetables, lean proteins, healthy fats, and fruits.
Combining grapefruit with a lean protein like an egg white omelet
(with addition of dill, nutritional yeast, kale, onion, salsa, and broccoli)
& a fat burning healthy fat like avocado will make a perfect #POWERMEAL

and have your metabolism screaming THANK YOU!! Winking smile

grapefruit facts


enjoy your day! Red heart


Do you get bored with the same work outs?

Have you ever tried Grapefruit?!