My top adidas style picks for back to school!

July 1, 2021 -
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I know what you’re thinking with the title of this post….back to school!? but Kasey, we just got into the summer!!


I TOTALLY HEAR YOU because I am the number 1 summer lover over herebut, I’m also a planner and love to share some of my favorite things with you all so you’ll be ahead of the game come school time!

I may be 32 years old (on saturday!) but I’m using a lunch bag now more than I did in elementary school.


Being a traveling trainer and being in and out of my car so much during they day, I tend to bring drinks and food along for the ride.


I’m obsessed with my insulated adidas lunch bag! It’s the perfect size for a meal + a drink and keeps things cool when I add ice packs in as well.


You can ask my husband, this sits on the counter daily so I don’t forget to bring it with me! As I’m typing this, he literally looked over and saw the picture of the lunch bag and said “you’ve had that thing for like years”, ha! He’s not wrong!


My second must have for school would be my slides!

I’ve been rocking adidas slides since I started playing soccer at 8 years old. I also happen to think they make a sweet addition to any outfit.


My third pick for back to school would be biker shorts!!

If these were a “thing” when I was in high school, I would’ve been wearing them daily. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty sure biker shorts were obviously around, but not as “in” when I was in high school…which is a shame if you ask me!


They are so versatile and can go with any tank, short sleeve, long sleeve, or sweatshirt. During the summer, I’m in biker shorts daily…my favorite time of year! And like I said, if I was back in school, I’d be rocking these daily.


I hope you got some new ideas for my adidas back to school picks with this post! I love sharing things that I love with you all, especially because I wear them and use them daily.

What is your go-to back to school item!?

Be true to you,

xo Kasey


I’m an ambassador for adidas, but as always, all opinions are my own.

Photos by Mikayla @the.photographygirls