New Themes for YOU this New Year!

January 11, 2022 -
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Can you believe it’s 2022?! These days, weeks, & months are truly flying back, yet sometimes feel to be going super slow. Anyone else?

I was just chatting with one of my clients and we were talking about how everyone around us is either sick, tired, or needing a break.

It’s interesting because I feel like everyone feels this huge pressure when we strike a new year, that we need to have everything together and kick off with a BANG. When in reality, a lot of us are tired from the holidays, moving (like us), & sometimes can go into the new year relaxing on the couch before moving forward.

I am all for goals & having something to work towards, but I’m also for giving ourselves grace through it all and listening to our body.

For example, I was run down going into the new year. Lots to catch you guys up on, but we moved out of our more recent townhouse and by the end of the week when New Years Eve came, I stayed on the couch.

The next day? I walked Kita, napped, and then went to bed.

I had all intentions of hitting some big workout on New Years Day, but my body was tired and I felt like I was starting to get sick….I know my body and I know my “signs” and they were all flaring up so for me, I needed a few days to recharge and move slow before I truly felt like I could GET AFTER IT on Monday. And that’s what I did!

I’m not here to say, sit on the couch all day everyday, because I know that motivation will come and go, but over the long run, I’m super consistent with fitness and knew that I could get back into after a few days off to let my body recharge.

For the New Year, I personally want to set some awesome goals for myself with fitness, but also work on taking care of ME. Making sure I’m nourishing my body with nutrient dense foods while also allowing my own “balance” in all foods, make sure to sleep enough, drink enough water, & do things that make me feel good because the more I’m good, the more I can be good for others.

My friends at babbleboxx have perfect timing as they sent over their Resolution Reset box filled with awesome products for this theme! I’m going to walk you through the products and chat about different ways to incorporate these “themes” into your 2022!


Can we just chat about the amount of LOVE I have for a good pen!? 

I am SO particular that it’s comical. I will only buy certain gel pens to use to write my client programs. They have to flow nicely and not bleed onto my pinky as I write.

I was sent this (adorable) Zebra Pen Journaling Set and I’m IN LOVE.  Not only do I love the colors but I love how they write.

In addition to the gel pens were Midliner Highlighters that are perfect for highlighting with their chiseled tip or fine point sides for all marking applications. 

I used these right away in my new planner for the New Year and loved using different colors for different topics and to-dos!

Zebra Pens is offering a discount code for 15% off using RESOLUTION15 at checkout for their midline highlighters, midline brushes, & Sarasa Clip at


While I always want myself and others to get enough vegetables and fruits in their day, adding in something like Beetology is a great way to get in the benefits of beets.

These beverages pack vitamins and minerals that can help fight inflammation, support immunity, lower blood pressure, and much more.

The Beet & cherry is SO good cold and even more delicious mixed over ice with this next new product they sent….


If you know me, you know that I’m not a big drinker. I’ve just never been into it but I do enjoy a glass of wine on occasion and a good mixed drink if I’m out to dinner or with friends. 

I do think you can enjoy alcohol in moderation and still attain your fitness goals, but alcohol in excess can cause some issues or make it harder to achieve those goals based on how the body processes it.

The company Monday sent their Zero Alcohol Gin which is an awesome blend of citrus, juniper, natural botanicals, and spices that even finishes with a kick!

I had my father-in-law sample it and he even said it would be good in a mixed drink.

This would be fun to use for someone like me who likes to make up fun drinks to enjoy but doesn’t always want the alcohol. 

Monday is offering a discount code KASEY15 for 15% off anything on the website except subscriptions. One use per customer only and expires Jan. 31st, 2022.


If you’re like me, I put on lotion directly after the shower to really lock in the moisture and I’m pretty particular about what I pick. 

Tree Hut sent over their Vitamin C Whipped Body Butter which is perfect for this time of the year with drier skin lurking! It will leave your skin soft and smells amazing.

The whipped body butter has Natural Shea Butter for moisture, AHA for fresher looking skin, & Vitamin C for a powerhouse boost for brighter skin.

The formula is also formulated without parabens, sulfates, alcohol, or formaldehyde donors which are things I look for in skin products and it SMELLS AMAZING!!


As a Trainer, I am constantly being asked how to get more protein into my client’s days. Trust me, would I love to be able to sit down for 3 balanced meals each day? YES. But can I with my schedule? Nope! That’s where adding in a protein smoothie or shake is my GO-TO tip for others and myself!!

Shaklee is one of the leading nutritional companies founded by Dr. Shaklee, who, FUN FACT, invented the first multivitamin in the US more than 100 years ago! Crazy!

I was sent two products from their company to try.

One was their Life Shake Soy Protein in French Vanilla. I’m a huge fan of anything “French vanilla” as it brings me back to childhood when my Grandma would make us milkshakes with French vanilla ice cream.

With this shake, it’s an easy way to add 2 scoops to any liquid or smoothie base for a complete 20 grams of protein, 6 grams of fiber, & 24 essential vitamins & minerals! 

We’re currently staying with my in-laws so I gifted this to her as she’s been looking for a high protein snack throughout the day.

Shaklee also sent over Collagen-9, which if you’ve been following me for a while you know that I’ve used Collagen on and off for years. 

Shaklee offers the most Complete Collagen Product because it actually Includes all 9 essential amino acids, 10 g of collagen, and a powerful combination of biotin and vitamin C, which can promote healthy skin, hair, nails, and joints.

It’s really easy to take collagen as well! I like to add it into hot coffee or a smoothie.

So what do you say? Let’s kick off the new year with some new themes to add into our lives! You can head over to my TikTok or Instagram to watch a fun video I put together with all of these products.

Thank you all for the support in 2021 and more to come in 2022! (potentially a website update?! woo!)

Be true to you,

xo Kasey