Peace Love & Yoga BabbleBoxx! [Review]

September 21, 2017 -
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Happy Thursday, friends! I hope you’re having an awesome week!

Unfortunately it’s been pretty gloomy in the east over these last couple of days but the weekend looks B-E-A-UTIFUL which is awesome because I tend to hold onto summer as long as I possibly can.

There are a few positives of September though — my best friend got married last weekend (a blog post on that to come!), we can keep the windows open during the day to let that fresh air in, leaves starting to turn, I have a pumpkin candle currently burning,  AND it’s National Yoga Month!

I find myself getting to yoga more when it’s chillier outside to not only warm my body up but it’s a great time really “check in” with myself after a busy but awesome summer.

In celebrating National Yoga Month, I’ve partnered up with my friends at BabbleBoxx to bring to you some new products to try and unleash your inner yogi.


Which, by the way, my body could use some yoga right about now on this chilly day!


Y’all know I love me some boxes & trying new products. I love that my clients & you all (my amazing readers!) trust my opinion on trying new things. I feel it’s only right to truly recommend something after I’ve had the chance to try it for myself.


So, what’s in the BabbleBoxx?

1) Ascent Protein


In the box was a shaker bottle (because one can never have enough…am I right? ha!), a 2lb bag of Ascent Native Fuel™ Whey Protein Powder in Lemon Sorbet, & a few single servings of vanilla & chocolate.

Ascent Protein is the official sponsor of hard work with a product that has zero artificial ingredients, made with native whey which is the least processed protein available, & is gluten free.

Check out their latest YouTube video for National Yoga Month:

Do you ever feel this way during yoga? I totally get in my head holding ANY pose but I feel so accomplished once I’m done and I’ve held it longer than I thought I ever could.


I got to try out Ascent protein at the IDEA World Convention & was curious to try the Lemon Sorbet flavor as that’s not a flavor you see often. I do prefer my protein drinks blended to make them into a “shake” so I whipped out my blender to make this Lemon Sorbet Shake!


Use code “YOGA” for 10% off !

I blended a scoop of protein with about 8 ice cubes & 1 cup or so of almond milk to make a Lemon Sorbet protein shake and it was SO good. My hubs also approved! Just saying.


2)  Glennon Doyle’s Love Warrior Book

This is a #1 New York Times Bestseller from the Oprah Book Club Selection written by Glennon Doyle. I have some traveling coming up so I’m excited to bring this on the plane with me!


The book is said to be an inspiring account of how we are all born to be warriors: strong, powerful, and brave. She takes her experiences of when her husband exposed some truths about their marriage that led her into creating this #1 best selling book.

The word strong has such a big meaning to me and with every group I train or class I teach, we break on “STRONG” at the end of class!

3) KeVita Drinks

I’ve been a fan of bubbly Kombucha for years so I was pumped to see these in the boxx!


KeVita Master Brew is a fermented drink made from a kombucha tea culture that has live probiotics, organic caffeine, and is verified Non-Alcoholic. It’s also a great switch up from drinking water all day. If you’re like me,  I need some bubbles in my day!


KeVita preaches the importance of your #innerselfie by taking care of your gut which makes up about 70% of your immune system.

It’s super refreshing, especially on a sunny day in flavors like blueberry basil & ginger.

4) Stevia In The Raw®

This new Organic Stevia is the newest addition to the In The Raw family! Y’all know I love my stevia in my coffee or baked goods, but I also like to find good sources of it so I lean towards organic & non-GMO.


I took this with me on my last trip home and used it at restaurants and coffee shops along my travels.

5) Summer’s Eve

These personal care cleansing cloths help maintain a natural pH while wiping away odor-causing bacteria.


These Simple Summer’s Eve cloths are free-from harsh ingredients, hypoallergenic, and soap-free which makes them an awesome addition to my personal care line up. I love keeping these in my gym bag for that mid-day freshen up!

6) B.O.S.S. Bar

These paleo bars are made from raw ingredients, gluten free, & delicious!

They come in different flavors such as MOVE, THINK, SMILE, RESTORE, & DAZZLE.


The company prides itself on using premium ingredients and also packages the products in 100% compostable pouches.

*Get free shipping on any 5-pack and/or case of 12 on through October 15, 2017 w/code “BABBLEBOSS”. You can also find them on Amazon Prime! (my favorite place!)


So there you have it y’all! 6 new products I got to try. Have you ever tried any of them? What are your favorites!?

Be true to you,

xo Kasey





This post is sponsored by but as always, all opinions are my own! #betruetoyou

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2 responses to “Peace Love & Yoga BabbleBoxx! [Review]”

  1. Cassie Tran says:

    What amazing goodies! Stevia in the Raw is always a favorite of mine. WILL have to try the BOSS bars too!

  2. Natalie says:

    I really need to try Kevita Master Brew. I love the taste of ginger and that looks really refreshing as well as tasty. What a great find, thanks!

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