What Has Helped Me Beat the Winter Blues

February 21, 2020 -
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This post is sponsored by Zappos but as always, all opinions are my own.


“There are no limits on what you can achieve with your life, except the limits you accept in your mind.”

Our minds can be the difference between an “I’m not good enough” & “I’ve got this.”

The other day I had a little moment of believing a limit that I placed on myself in my own mind. This can happen often as I work for myself owning my own business, so it’s easy to get in my head about these things.


It stayed with me the whole day.

I [let it] stay with me the whole day.

I chose to let my energy drop, feel sorry for myself, & doubt myself.

After a few hours of feeling “heavy” & letting it dictate how I was showing up, I CHOSE to change the way I was thinking.

What helps me do this? Mindfulness & movement.


photography: @the.photographygirls

Mindfulness is me checking in with myself and harnessing the reason WHY I’m feeling this way. Most of the time after I write it out or think it through, it’s freeing.

Along with mindfulness comes movement and movement is magical.

I believe this with so much of who I am based on what I see it do for others and for myself.

I’ll have clients come into the gym or my classes with heavy hearts or rough days, but after they pick up the weights, get some blood pumping, and some laughter happening….their energy totally shifts.

We’ve been a little spoiled this “winter” with hardly any snow in New England…like, none.

We’ve been around 35-45 degrees most days which allows me to get my dog outside on a walk almost every single day.


I look forward to this time.

Even with rain moving in the other day, I got home, got Kita ready, and power walked to get in our movement before the rain hit.

Not only is it amazing for her as she needs movement to thrive but she also gets her sniffs…like sniffing every single tree we walk by…but I digress, I mean, look at that sweet face.


This time has become therapeutic for me and I didn’t even realize I “needed” this until I started doing it every day this winter.

I bundle up, turn on a podcast, and truly enjoy this 30-45 min burst of movement in my day.

I pay attention to the way my mood shifts during this time and what it feels like to just let go.


I also pay attention to the shoes that I’m wearing for these walks as I’m literally up hill, down hill, over branches, on the sidewalks, and sometimes dodging vehicles as we cross from one road to the next.


I’ve been loving these Asics Nimbus shoes for our walks. These shoes have a larger section of GEL™ technology cushioning that wraps all the way around the sole for improved rearfoot impact protection no matter where you land. 

If you’re looking for a great walking or running shoe, head to and check them out. You’ll get amazing customer service and free expedited shipping for Zappos rewards members while also earning points towards your next purchases.

I literally got these in ONE DAY after ordering them. I love you Zappos.


I’ve always been a fan of Asics for walking and running and they’ve been in my top pick category from my shoe holder by the door, along with all of my layers for the winter months, for our walks.

They have just the right amount of comfort, flexibility, and support where my foot isn’t slipping around at all yet I feel springy as I move. I personally wear a size 8.5 and these, for me, are true to size.


When I start putting them on by the door, Kita can hardly contain herself with excitement and all of the “no jumping” training goes out the window, but I forgive her, of course.


Studies show that getting outside, especially in the winter months, can help reduce depression, anxiety, & totally uplift your mood. BONUS if it’s sunny outside and you get that hit of Vitamin D! Woo!


Like I said before, movement is magic people, and if you’re struggling to feel better or need a mood boost, MOVE! Even if it’s a walk around your neighborhood, lifting some weights, or stretching on the floor, you’ll notice a difference.

What is your favorite way to move during the winter months!?

Be true to you,

Xo Kasey

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