Are you letting someone else or a number take you away from your truth? #IWILLWHATIWANT

August 6, 2014 -
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Happy Wednesday, all! I’m not much of a math person, but today – we’re talking numbers. Not just any numbers…I’m focusing today on numbers that we sometimes let take us away from who we truly are.

I’ve been so inspired by the new UA Women Campaign “I WILL WHAT I WANT” that this message has truly sparked my blog topic today.

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If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, they feature a story about , Misty Copeland, an amazing Ballerina, was told how many ways she was “wrong” at what she was doing & that she wouldn’t be good enough to reach her goals.

Did she let this negativity stop her? No. In fact, she used it as fuel to persevere.

Pretty freaking awesome.

I was inspired to share a little story that I think some of us have dealt with that all routes back to being true to ourselves and not letting someone else or a number define who we are.

Let’s play scenario:


You wake up, it’s a lovely Wednesday morning, you’ve had a great sleep & your pumped to start your day.

You check your Facebook only to find that your following of 3,000 likes went to 2,999 likes.

You instantly feel defeated when you see that graph with the big red section confirming that you lost 1 follower.

You rack your brain for reasons why this person no longer likes you.

You ask yourself…did I post something wrong? Am I not posting enough? Did I offend somebody? Do I post too much?

Instantly turning this statistic into a reason why YOU did something wrong.


Has this ever been you?…

Today, I wanted to chat about this because I have let myself get caught up in that feeling before & I don’t think I’m alone. Often times with myself, a client, or another blogger – we let numbers or someone else define our truth.

Numbers on a scale not where you want them? = I’m not working hard enough.

You lost a twitter follower? =  I did something wrong.

Someone questions a certain food you eat? = You must be a bad person.

Now, if we take a step back (and a deep breath – Hiyo!), is that number truly the problem?  Or is it this feeling we get of “I’m not good enough.”

I remember chatting with Heather about this – & her response has stuck with me.

“If someone doesn’t value what you do – it doesn’t mean either of you are bad people. You’ve got a bunch of others who look up to you, value you, support you, & in turn, you do the same for them on their journeys.”

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Whenever we let a number or person make us feel not good enough,

we are getting further away from our truth.




Because we instantly start thinking of something we did wrong which then makes us want to change the way we do something & in turn, this “be true to you” motto turns into “do what others want you to do even if it’s not your jam.”

If I ever find myself hesitant to post something based on what someone else may think – I say to myself, is this post true to me? If my answer is yes – then I route myself into that good vibe & those that value me as me, will be the ones who actually feel the good vibe as well.

I’ll never forget whenever I was just a few months into blogging (over 3ish years ago now) & I honestly didn’t even know how to check my page views or stats (and to this day, I still don’t find myself checking them often), and I reached 100 page views TOTAL in those few months…

Now granted, I believe they were mostly from my awesome Pap who read & still reads my blog daily, & probably mamacakes BUT the story here is – I took a picture of my computer screen & sent out a group text to my family with SO much excitement because I felt like my words, workouts, & recipes were being valued.

My goal today is to share with you that sometimes someone may not want to follow you anymore or someone out there may question a choice you made – and guess what?

That’s totally OK.

Instead of taking it personal, thinking YOU need to change, or letting that –1 follower ruin your whole day…why not focus on those 2,999 people that value you & your work?

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Same goes for an event; say you want 150 people to come to a speech you’re giving but 14 people register.

Do you feel defeated? At first, maybe. But then you need to… ROCK THOSE 14 PEOPLE’S WORLDS!

Make that presentation that BEST it can be fore those 14 people to leave there with a new toolkit of tips to use in their own lives.

Be YOU. Do what YOU want to do. When it comes to your journey, find what YOU enjoy; no one else has to determine that for you. Don’t feel pressured to be a certain way or do something you’re not into – let your passion & enjoyment be YOUR compass.

Sometimes making a difference in 1 person’s life is just as amazing as making a difference in 1,000. It’s all a matter of being true to you, & those who value YOU as YOU (gosh, I feel like Dr. Seuss here), will support you on your journey just as you support them.


From me to you today & everyday,

don’t ever let someone else define your truth.

Be you, route into your passion, & come from that place of you every single day.

The people that value you as you are the ones you want around you to support your journey.


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And who knows – in the end, maybe that (minus) 1 follower was a robot?

And if it was, that robot was meant to teach us all a lesson.


Be true to you,

xo Kasey