Celebrating International Women’s Day With my 80 (years young) Client, Sheila!

March 8, 2019 -
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Today is International Women’s Day and my friends at adidas have been inspiring women with all stories with their She Breaks Barriers campaign which aims to celebrate all women who inspire, empower, and break barriers.


Whenever I was thinking about who I’d love to interview and feature for this story, I [obviously] have many women that came to mind, but one in particular to me stood out with a unique perspective.

How does 80 years of perspective sound?


Meet my friend, Sheila.


Sheila is 80 years young and takes my lifting class every single Wednesday morning at 815am at our Bristol Parks & Recreation Center.

I remember her first class with me where I was super cautious and spotting her in every move, but I quickly realized that she was nothing less of sturdy & strong.


Not only is her 4 minute (current record) plank inspiring, but her bubbly & bright personality completes her full package.

Sheila has the most vibrant & caring way about her and when she walks into the room, she makes everyone smile with her energy.


Also – how adorable is she in her pink adidas badge of sport tee? I tried to match her cuteness in my favorite cross-back tank & new floral high-waisted ⅞ tights.


In my class, Sheila has a super important role…I bring my whole class into the middle of the room and we break it out on 3 (because I truly believe we are all in this together) and Sheila is my counter of the 1…2…3 before we yell STRONG! ;]

Over the last year, I’ve gotten to know Sheila and hear more of her inspiring stories.


She is truly a light in my life and I’m so thankful to know her. She makes me a better person just by watching her power through her workouts with her amazing spirit.


After hearing her answers and seeing these pictures, I’m sure you’ll see the fun-loving energy that we all get to see each week.

1) What’s your name & age?

My name is Sheila Fridovich and I am 80 years old

2) How important is fitness & being active to you?

Fitness is a very integral of my life and has been since I got married – many years ago – my husband started me on regular exercise.

3) What’s your normal workout schedule like during the week?

My normal exercise schedule is six days a week.  Two hours on three days and three hours on three days.


Sheila keeps VERY active! She enjoys taking all types of group fitness classes from Zumba, to TRX, to my weights class, & more!

4) What’s your favorite exercise?

My favorite exercises are core exercises although I try to do weights regularly.

5) What do you love about fitness? How does it make you feel?

Fitness makes you feel young and whole. It helps to make your body an integral part of your total life experience.


6) What’s something you’ve overcome in life & what did you learn from it?

I have overcome many tough experiences in life but the hardest one was the death of my husband, but his advice to keep exercising and eat properly kept me going.  

7) How do you stay so consistent working out?

I keep so consistent because it becomes a normal part of my life and a day-to-day habit that I enjoy.

8) What’s your biggest advice for someone reading this interview?

My biggest advice is to keep your goal of what you want to be in front of you and always know where you want to go and become.


9) Tell us your secret! How are you so strong & vibrant at 80 years young!?

I am sure part of what I look and feel like is genetic and there is no secret other than persistence and desire to feel a certain way.

For International Women’s Day, I want to know who inspires YOU.

I absolutely love doing these interviews & featuring with you all some of the most empowering people in my life.


Surround yourself with those who lift you up & always be true to you,

Xo Kasey





All images by my girl @Mikayla_PascoPhotography.

This post was sponsored by adidas, but as always, all opinions are my own.