Live With Purpose – 4th Annual Pittsburgh BODYpeace Workshop

March 6, 2017 -
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Hi friends! I hope you’ve had an awesome couple of weeks. I apologize for my delay with posting – but this is my first day back on a semi-normal schedule in the last 2 weeks.

Unfortunately we lost my Great Aunt Rita 2 weeks ago at the young age of 93. This woman was a LIGHT in our lives and if anyone was going to live to be 110 years old, we all thought it would be her.


Aunt Rita was truly everyone’s “Aunt Rita” who met her. She was literally the center of our family & brought so much positive energy and lit up every room she walked into.

If there is something I have learned in these last 27 years from her, it’s that she lived life with PURPOSE. Every single day that woman had a purpose for the day.


I inspire & I hope it inspires others to take that into our own lives and impact people with positivity the way that she has.

We hope she’s dancing to Mambo Number 5, winning every scratch-off lottery ticket, & enjoying a Fuzzy Navel as she watches over us. She was so loved & will be so missed. We celebrate you always, #RockinRita 💛


Months ago I had already planned on being home around this time for our 4th Annual BODYpeace Workshop at my Alma Mature, North Hills High School.


If there was ever a time to be inspired to create an impact on someone’s life, it was during this time with inspiration from Aunt Rita.

For the last 4 years, a group of AMAZING teacher’s sponsor this workshop where we do a fun workout session, a food demo, & also a Dear Body workshop where we write letters to our bodies.


It is always such a moving day as these high school ladies are so vulnerable to open up about body image issues.


I share my story to help show that we are all human & all struggle. Just a “few” years ago, I was in high school ;] sitting in the seats they are sitting in as I speak.


I make sure to remind them that we are all a lot more alike than we are different. 

You may think the person next to you (especially in high school with social media) has it all together and never is anxious or struggles…but once you both get up and share your letters to your bodies…you realize that you’re all human and we ALL struggle.


It truly brings everyone together and it’s an amazing vibe throughout the room.

I also love seeing and catching up with the Teachers who help with this event! Amy, Jill, & Jenna I can’t thank you enough for helping me do this every year.

Below is a picture of myself and my 7th grade Physical Education teacher, Kelly.


She was my first mentor ever since day 1 of 7th grade. She has supported me so much over the years and I always truly wanted to grow up and be just like her — hence why I was inspired to go into Physical Education as a Major in College.

Every year I have some amazing companies that help this day come true and supply my girls with some powerful products that align with our day.


My friends from NOW FOODS provided all natural deodorant, essential oils, lip balm, chia seeds, & protein powder as prizes.





NOW also provided the chia seeds for me to make my Chia Jam to spread on rice cakes for our cooking demo.


My friends at Drink Nooma provided their delicious Organic Electrolyte Drink for all of the girls right after our workout. This stuff is GREAT and can be found at Whole Foods or online!






My friends at VEGA provided their yummy plant based protein snack bars for the girls to snack on post-workout in their Chocolate Peanut Butter & Chocolate Caramel flavors.




This day has such a special place in our hearts and the teacher’s say it’s like “christmas morning!” which I can totally agree with.

The night before this I was also invited to speak at Robert Morris University to the Sigma Kappa Sorority on the same topic, Body Image & Self Love.


All of these workshops are not about me…they are about spreading a message that we are not alone in our struggles with body image, food, & anxiety.

My goal is to help women (and men!) not go down the same path I did as far as restriction & over-exercising and show them how food and fitness can complement their lives instead of control them.


A common theme in these presentations was that it all starts with our minds and I truly believe “health” is a relationship between our self & our bodies.

We are with our bodies for the rest of our lives and I don’t think we appreciate them enough or look in the mirror just to check in with ourselves as much as we should.


While I was home I also got to chat with my girl Jordan of Listen Lucy and we did a LIVE Facebook stream that you can see [here] with the topic of self-love and acceptance.

My week of being home was filled with family, love, friends, & powerful vibes from every single presentation I did, person I met, & impact that they all had on me.

I challenge you to love yourself and your be mindful of your journey … thank your body for everything that it does on a daily basis because it is truly a powerful working machine.

I hope you have an awesome start to your week & as Aunt Rita would say…”Live with purpose today and every day.”

Be true to you,

xo Kasey



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