Friday Product Favorites!

January 18, 2013 -
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Hi all! Hope you’re enjoying your FRIDAY!

This week seriously flew by; so many things happening this week!

Good things, that is! I’m really looking forward to this weekend because I’m taking the boy out for his birthday…
which reminds me I need to make those reservations now. #whoops

Anyway, lots of family time this weekend that will definitely be needed.

I’ve recently received some awesome products from some pretty cool companies and I wanted to share about a few.

Let’s start with SKINNY NOODLES


If the color of the packaging doesn’t grab your attention, the awesome stats sure would.

Zero Calories, Zero Fat, Zero Sodium, Very low carbs, gluten free,
all natural, vegan, Kosher, and a good source of soluble fiber.

Decent, right?

These skinny noodles are made from the Glucomannan or Konnyaku flour, a member of the yam family indigenous to Asia.

According to Skinny Noodles, this root was discovered over 2000 year ago and has been recognized as a healthy, fiber-rich food for centuries by the Chinese and Japanese.

These noodles can replace your pasta in your spaghetti, your fettuccine in your garlic pasta, or your rice in your fried rice.

They don’t have any distinct flavor so they will absorb anything you put on them. I’ve loved mixing them with some Nooch & pasta sauce!

Thanks so much Skinny Noodle for the awesome package!

I also got an awesome package from my favorite place ever,


And some free samples of an Omega 3 supp to try!

You can get any of theses at with a coupon code XUG228 for a discount on your first order!


DON’T FEAR THE FAT! Especially these ones – I’m obsessed!

Have you tried any new products lately?!
Do tell!! Winking smile

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