September 4, 2019 -
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Happy September, friends! I can’t believe we’re at the tail-end of summer…don’t remind me ;[ Although I will say that with September, brings a new sense of setting goals, a new “normal” for our schedules, & a chance to maybe get back into the swing-0f-things.

This summer has been full of warm weather, the water, training, family, & friends. One of my high lights was attending EMPOWER Summer Camp with my fam from FitApproach & NOW Foods!

Because who doesn’t want to go to an adult summer camp with your girlfriends!?


Photo Credit: James Pancoast // IG @jamespancoastphotos

EMPOWER was hosted by my girls from FitApproach at the Ronora Lodge and Retreat Center in Watervilet, Michigan.


I had never been to Michigan (or a traditional summer camp other than soccer camp as a kid) so I was super pumped about this.


The blogger in me instantly came out when we walked into a full room of delicious mango almond butter toast, snacks, & tea all thanks to NOW foods.

I went to camp as a part of the NOW Foods Family as I was teaching our Saturday morning outdoor workout! SO SO FUN.

I love my NOW fam, as you all know, and I love my FitApproach ladies so this was just a dream-team moment.


Side note: your girl does not need a megaphone with my voice already being on the high-end of loud, BUT it was very camp-like and super fun to use, I will say.


Before we get to Saturday morning though, let’s rewind back to Friday when everyone arrived!


Talk about swag y’all!? We were decked out with any snack we could ever hope for, sunglasses, coffee, water bottles, headphones, & more.


And can we please look at our adorable cabin named “The Plant House” that we stayed in?! I’m obsessed.

After out intro, we started with a shake-out run to get the legs loose after sitting a lot with travel.


Me: guys , how far have we gone?


Everyone else: a half mile Kasey….


You know your girl isn’t a huge long-distance runner so these 2 mile runs were actually the perfect length to feel accomplished & get the legs warm.

Our girl Jamie led us through some awesome yoga post-run which was exactly what the bod needed.


We had some AMAZING food (all weekend)…

1142_EMPOWER Summer Camp 2019

then had s’mores & campfire team chants to end the night.


As you can see, there’s a theme here with the megaphone in my hand.



We came up with team chants and basically laughed the whole time during our choreographed routine.

The next morning started with another run and to me, there’s nothing better than being by the water in the morning.


Post-run, we had some amazing stories shared by powerful women…

0758_EMPOWER Summer Camp 2019

before heading into our NOW foods TABATA workout.


NOW mixed together their BCAA mix with Ribose powder to help power through the workout.


You’ll essentially feel like this the whole workout ;]  or this….


Gosh WHAT am I doing.

Anywho! Ribose is a simple sugar that occurs naturally in all living cells & gives you a sustained energy without any insulin spike.

Our bodies produce this naturally but supplementing can help with that consistent energy throughout your workout.


As part of our warm-up, everyone had to perform different dynamic movements before I blew my whistle.


Once the whistle was blown, whoever grabbed the cone first, the other person had to do a burpee.


The before…& the after.


It is such a fun way to get the muscles (and smiles) flowin!


I was pumped to have a tennis court and some cones to get everyone laughing, moving, sweating (thank you sunshine), & feeling accomplished.



0985_EMPOWER Summer Camp 2019


0992_EMPOWER Summer Camp 2019

0860_EMPOWER Summer Camp 2019



There is nothing like the ENERGY of a large group of people who are READY to WORK.

1015_EMPOWER Summer Camp 2019

I just love this so much.


And I love my girl, Tasha, so much.

The rest of the weekend was full of connection, motivation, empowerment, yoga, (another HIIT workout by my girl Nicci), some awesome content workshops, meditation, & more.


Plus I got to paddle board for the first time and loved it!


That’s what summer camp is for right? Trying new things, stepping out of your comfort zone, laughing with friends, & just enjoying the moment.


Thank you FitApproach for an awesome weekend! I loved connecting with all of you.

Be true to you,

xo Kasey


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