Staying In Your Own Lane & Track Workout

September 4, 2020 -
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This post is sponsored by adidas but as always, all opinions are my own.


The other day I had a chat with one of my athletes. I’ve trained her since she was 12. She’s a soccer player & track athlete (going to college for BOTH! So proud.) and we were working on block starts.


Photography by @the.photographygirls 

Keep reading to see the workout we did below!

So many times when I train my athletes, I have flashback moments to things my coaches have said to me in my high school/college days & drills that they used to do that always helped me as an athlete.


We were chatting about her start and how her potential to be SO explosive out of the blocks is there and during practice she can do it, but when she gets to a meet she just needs to focus in on her lane.


Personally this was always a huge thing I had to work on as an athlete. I would practice, practice, practice, then get to the starting line and before I knew it, the race was over.

I got so lost in the lanes and runners around me that I forgot about MY lane during the race.


We chatted about how if I could share any tip with her, it would be to focus only on her lane, where she wanted her feet to hit coming out of the blocks, and her own form.

I couldn’t help but think what a PERFECT PARALLEL this is to life, right?


We so often get caught up in what everyone around us is doing, that we lose focus of what we’re doing.

The saying is out there, “stay in your lane”, and that can carry over to so many different parts of our lives.

It’s super easy to get on social media and think, dang, she’s killin’ it so there’s no room for me to do that online too.

Or, her life looks like it’s so put together that she probably doesn’t struggle at all.

IMG_1142.jpgI’ve touched on this so many times before, but when you start running into other lanes, not only will you get disqualified in a race, but you’ll disqualify yourself from YOUR potential.

The reason we hold ourselves back from things is because we think because others are doing it, we can’t.


That is just a false reality that we put on ourselves when we’re focused in other lanes.


Personally, I was feeling this was after lockdown a few months back. I felt stuck yet compared myself to the lanes around me, which stopped my own momentum.


When I finally refocused into my own lane, so many ideas started flowing through.

I got back into blogging & working on projects like my podcast and more that I had been wanting to do. 

The more you put the work in, start moving forward, & stay in your lane, the more momentum you’ll pick up to do what you want to do.


I wanted to share one of our outdoor track workouts that we do! This is a great option to switch things up outdoors. It’s a pyramid style workout where you start at the bottom, “climb” the pyramid, and then work your way back down the pyramid.


For the amount of time that you “work” you’ll want to give yourself 3-4X that amount to rest so that you can really hit the runs hard. So if you go all out and run a 1:30 400m (1 lap) you’ll want a 4:30-6 minute rest.

400m with 3-4 X Rest

300m with 3-4 X Rest

200m with 3-4 X Rest

100m with 3-4 X Rest

200m with 3-4 X Rest

300m with 3-4 X Rest


These adidas 4D Run 1.0 Shoes are AWESOME for track workouts!! I wore these for a sprint workout and a little throwback to my hurdle days and they were super supportive, comfy, & gave you a nice “bounce”.


They have a digitally-printed midsole that’s crafted based on 17 years of athlete data and they fit true to size (I am a women’s 8.5).


I always get nervous to have a white shoe, as I tend to get things dirty (trainer life), but these were too legit to pass up. I love the black/white combo with the gold accents and the light green midsole just pops without taking over the look.

I’ve also been LOVING to wear them for an on-the-go adidas athleisure look paired with my go-to biker shorts & cropped tee

Is there a better combo!? Headed to a meeting or to do some computer work, this outfit is it.

You can head to this link to view a blog post that can help you choose which running shoe may be best for you!

Stay in your lane & be true to you,

Xo Kasey



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11 responses to “Staying In Your Own Lane & Track Workout”

  1. Mary Ann says:

    Love this blog! A whole new perspective on “stay in your lane” thank you! Also love the pics !

  2. Emily L. says:

    LOVE this!! I feel this is something we all need to be reminded of…and sometimes more than once! Great post girl, as always!

  3. Dee says:

    “The reason we hold ourselves back from things is because we think because others are doing it, we can’t.” This is so true.
    What a great post. Thanks for sharing!
    Feel free to check out for metabolism boosts as well.

  4. hailey says:

    Thank you so much ! you are truelly a inspiration.

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  7. Eemil says:

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  8. Krish says:

    Like always, loved reading and it’s so inspirational. Also loved the idea of staying in your own lane.

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