A Day Of PlantPOWERED Eats.

November 3, 2012 -
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hi all! Happy Saturday!!
Had a kick butt leg workout with Corey this morning.
I will be posting the workout soon!

I know a lot of you have been curious as to what

A DAY OF EATS looks like for a plant powered PE teacher!

One of the main questions I get is…

“Where does your protein come from?”

My top choices:
beans, nutritional yeast, seeds, nuts, hemp,
brown rice protein powder, sprouts, quinoa,
chia seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds,
sunflower seeds, tahini, hummus.

I’m not a big soy eater – I’ve had some weird skin issues when I used to consume it.
Therefore, I tend to stay away from that.

Lots of other plant based foods have protein in them!
You’ve just got to do some research! You’d be surprised.

Here’s some info I came across..

“It is very easy for a plant based diet to meet the recommendations for protein.
Nearly all vegetables, beans, grains, nuts, and seeds contain some,
and often much, protein. Fruits, sugars, fats, and alcohol do not provide much protein,
so a diet based only on these foods would have a good chance of being too low in protein. 

Plant based eaters with diets containing vegetables, beans, grains, nuts, and seeds
rarely have any difficulty getting enough protein as long as their diet
contains enough energy (calories) to maintain weight”

Did you know that a half cup of oats has 5g of protein?

After doing my research for this month;
I’ve read my fair share of food labels & wanted to pass along the info!

3 TB Hemp seeds has about 10g of protein.
4 TB of CHIA seeds has about 6g of protein.
5 TB of flax has about 8g of protein.
1 cup of peas has about 6g of protein!
1 cup of broccoli has about 4 g of protein.
1 cup of brown rice has about 5g of protein.
1 cup of Quinoa has about 9g of protein.
1 cup of Lentils has about 18g of protein.
1 cup of black beans has about 13g of protein.

*These may not be exact; but pretty darn close!
Hence the “about” word before the total grams!

You can find a lot of these on www.Iherb.com
and feel free to use my coupon code XUG228 for your first order
for $10 off any order over $40 and $5 off any order under $40!

I’m going to share with you an average day in my plantPOWERed life.

I get weird about sharing an exact day of eats because I think all too much
people judge other’s based on their food choices.
You all know that I swear by #beTRUEtoYOU!

If you’ve watched my VLOG with my update on my digestion throughout
this month of eating plant based, you’ve seen that this
has been an amazing change for my body!
I can’t get over it.
With that said, this is what is working for ME
and everyone’s body is so different!

Therefore, you need to find what works for YOU!
This has been a 10 year journey for me.

I am in no way saying

nope, I’d never do that.

This is just to help those who are looking for some
help with putting together their own plans
And I am SO HAPPY to help with that!!

I am no pro in the plant based lifestyle;
I was simply trying new things to educate myself!

So with that being said; here is a sample day of what I eat!
*Remember, this changes daily! I embrace variety.

 5am – I wake up & drink some
with some ACV, fresh lemon juice,
cinnamon, & some stevia

or my Apple Pie Cleanser
to cleanse my body and jump start my digestion!

Head downstairs & lift….in my ADIDAS & fuzzy socks that I slept in.


Lift for about 20 minutes (I move quickly from one exercise to the next)
Then freshen up & grab breakfast!

My go to REFUEL breakfast is some type of oats & protein powder!
I love my oats!

Gingerbread POWEROAT Parfait with
homemade pumpkin butter.


(I cut oats out a while ago thinking that’s what was causing my bloat
never blaming the animal protein – but now I oats with no problem!)

Around 930am I have a prep period where I snack on either raw veggies or trail mix.

My favorite mix is goji berries, cacao nibs, pumpkin seeds, & sunflower seeds!

12pm – LUNCH TIME!!
Usually a bunch of veggies thrown together.

*roasted asparagus, roasted pumpkin, steamed brussels,
hemp seeds, & coconut aminos (soy sauce alternative)


*Powerbowl of raw veggies, avocado, dried apricots, pumpkin seeds
& dressing made with ACV, nutritional yeast, & stevia.


*Collard Wraps stuffed with black beans, avocado, & sautéed veggies.
side of raw veggies & extra avocado!

Creamy Roasted Kabocha Squash Collard Wraps!

Teach for a few more hours.

3 pm After School POWERsnack.

Fresh fruit is my GO TO for the ride home!



yes I eat two.

Insert 20 minutes of Cardio or TABATA intervals.

(I’ve really been liking to split my workouts throughout the day!)
If I was really active with my students all day, I don’t do the extra cardio then!

Dinner – 5ish pm – varies between

Creamy Pumpkin Alfredo!
over black bean spaghetti.

Raw Veggies Topped with
Ceamy Tahini & Nooch Sauce.
(sauce=19g of protein!)

24 g total with all of the extra veggies added in!

Roasted Pie Pumpkins with
organic no salt added black beans,
pumpkin seeds,
topped with
Kale Hemp Pesto & Asparagus!


Roasted Pie Pumpkins

Wash & Cut your pumpkin
Slice in half
Scoop out seeds
Place Face down onto coconut oil sprayed foil
Bake at 350 for about 40-45 minutes.


Raw veggie powerbowl with quinoa & Kale Hemp Pesto!


Big powerbowl salad with raw and roasted veggies,
sundried tomatoes, olives, all topped with hemp seeds!

My nightly GO TO snack has been a GREEN mini POWERBOWL

(pudding because I make it thicker than a smoothie!)

I’m not sure Of my exact measurements but close to

1 cup frozen spinach,
1/3 cup frozen carrots (love doing this)
2 TB pumpkin,
2 tsp Nutrex  spirulina powder,
1 tsp maca powder,
1 TB flax meal,
1 cup unsweetened coconut milk
(may need more depending on your wants!)
liquid stevia drops,

Optional – 1 scoop protein powder
& topped with #raw cacao nibs & coconut butter!

blended in my magic bullet
anddddd there is healthy chocolate sauce underneath
for that awesome last spoonful!


Some times I use some coconut water

that my friends at Naked sent to me!

It’s definitely a yummy addition in place of coconut milk!

Some other pics & variations:

love that gorgeous green color.

If you don’t want the greens, add cocoa powder instead!
1 to 2 TB would be a good amount!

Or one of my favorites
Banana Orange Spiced Smoothie


Now if it’s a Friday after a nice productive week;
I see nothing wrong with ending the night with some organic red wine,
slippers, a movie, boyfriend, & a new dark chocolate plant based dessert!!
I will be sharing soon!

Had to have the boy taste test first!
FYI: He totally approved!


So that’s a day in the life of a plantPOWERED POWERCAKES!

Again, this changes daily, but do you see how many colors I eat in a day?

The more colorful – the better!!

My body is loving this plant based goodness
& I’m getting protein at each meal from my favorite foods!

I used to blame some of these foods for my bloat;
but now that I eat them without the animal protein…no more bloat.

Now, for some reason, chick peas & chick pea flour make my tummy ache.
total bummer cause I LOVE SOCCA and have a BOMB recipe to share!
If I choose to eat these, I understand that my tummy may ache –
but if I’m really craving it, I see nothing wrong since I know how I’ll react!

BUT hummus doesn’t hurt my stomach as much!
Thank goodness.

#thingsthatmakeyougoHM ??

This is me listening to my body and everyone is so different!

My advice; start listening to your insides.
They talk to us more than we realize!

I can’t get over how much better my digestion is;
and how much energy I have!

I used to always want a nap in the mid day –
now I come home and rock some cardio because I have so much energy!

And sometimes I still close my eyes for like 20 minutes to just decompress from the day.
Relaxing is so important to our overall health as well!

With this all being said, I’m very happy that I challenged myself this month.
I do not label myself anything other than a KASEY
who just happens to currently eat plant based because it makes her feel better!





Heather is now safely home from Vegas
so we are getting all of the winners organized this weekend
and we have plans to ANNOUNCE ON MONDAY!!

Thank you so much for understanding!!

I can’t wait – we have special prize pack for the GRAND PRIZE WINNER too!!

Has this month inspired you at all to try more plant based recipes?

Do you listen to your insides?

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16 responses to “A Day Of PlantPOWERED Eats.”

  1. Jayne Becca says:

    This post has make me hungry! x

  2. oh my your recipes sound delish! im sorry chickpeas hurt your tummy, making socca has been on my back burner for so long! i have a bag of chickpea flour staring at me! i think it’s time to finally make it!!

  3. Ashley says:

    That pumpkin butter looks absolutely delicious – do you use it on sandwiches and the like as well?

  4. Love all of the ideas! Thanks for sharing! I’ve got to try that pumpkin alfredo. Have a great weekend!

  5. Just got my nrgMatrix! Eager to trybut checking out the first 2 ingredients of the herbal blend first to be sure I am OK with those.. the guarana is a caffeine derivative & read a couple things about the yerba mate & cancer. You know anything about this?

  6. Love this post! This is so full of ideas for meals for me! I have a feeling I’m going to be referring back to this often! That stuffed pumpkin dinner looks amazing! As does your nighttime smoothie!

  7. RunFastMama says:

    So wishing I wasn’t allergic to all nuts and legumes right about now! You have some great ideas!

  8. eiren says:

    OMG LOVE this!! Thank you for posting!! I also just listened to your vlog. When I first read this i was curious because I don’t see tofu in your posts, but I know that’s an easy protein source. I have congenital hypothyroidism, so i know that soy is a ‘no go’ with my meds!! I still try to sneak it in for baking sometimes or adding it to applesauces for protein, but i know not to overload.
    Thank you again though! I’ve had a LOT of stomach troubles, and like you, have done elimination after elimination. I’m gluten and dairy free and have had luck with that but still struggle. I was mostly eggs and fish for a long time and have intro’d chicken and turkey but notice my issues coming back. :( I think i’m going to use some of your guidelines and give it a go! The only thing I will miss a lot is my eggs, but i have a sneaking suspicion they are part of the problem. boo to that!
    I do have a question though, being mostly veggie based, do you find that it costs more?? I’ve always struggled with the “it’s more expensive to eat healthy” mentality! I just figured i’d ask! I’m an unemployed girl, but even when I was working it was all non profit salary! aka about what i’m making now! 😛 I do it for the love of helping! Not complaining by ANY means!! I know that most of my paycheck would go to my grocery bill alone! I could buy enough food for a week for myself and have it cost as much as a family of 3!!
    Thanks!!! And thank you for being so honest!! It is true, (from your vlog), “everybody poops!” There’s a book about it! 😛

  9. Annie says:

    thank you and glad Heather made it home !!

  10. Kim Perry says:

    I love reading about your journey! So happy for you & great recipes!!

  11. Bee says:

    What are your macronutrients and cals? i love seeing posts like this and hope for more in the future!

  12. Bee says:

    What brand of coconut milk do u use?

    Are u doing any grains besides oats and quinoa (like Food for Life Brown rice tortillas)?

    What is your opinion of Dr Fuhrmans Nutritarian diet?

    Are u eating legumes or tofu?

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  14. bellyfat says:

    What diet plan suggestions are guidance for throwing away tummy weight ?

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  16. play says:

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