Update on my life & NEW VIDEO (what do competitors eat backstage?)

April 28, 2012 -
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hi all!Winking smile

ahhh let me just say, I have SO many things to fill you in on!!

1) this week has been awesome with student teaching!
ZUMBA is becoming the new thing at the school
& I’m so glad I introduced it to the students!

They have been loving it & I’ve been teaching 6 classes a day!
It’s safe to say, I practically bathe in vanilla bean NOEL body spray
(which I think I have an obsession with)
Anyway, I can’t wait to share some videos of our dances!
We’ve got big plans Winking smile

2) along with teaching zumba all day Thursday,
my indoor soccer season also started!
I love being able to still play a sport that I love!

& still have the same spikes from high school.

I love Instagram: I post multiple times a day on it!
you can check out my pictures here & follow me

3) I have a list written of my VLOGS I will be filming tomorrow!
-“Don’t Fear The Fat”
- “My Allergy Story”
(for my girl Jill Hanner)
-“What I think Beautiful Is”

Can’t wait to share these!

4) Obvi loving my pumpkin coconut flour powercake
in the morning with coconut oil & chia seeds. #eatclean


5)I’ve been adding CHIA to my water!
about 2 TB into my LITER with some fresh lemon juice!


6) I treated myself to a Shellac manicure and I LOVE IT!
You’ve got to get this done!


AND last but certainly not least:
I’ve got a BIG POST coming up on TUESDAY of next week.
May be the HIGHLIGHT of my blogging experience so far!
hate to keep you in suspense, but I can’t help it Winking smile

hopefully it’ll be worth your wait!

So this weekend, as you can see, is a bit busy!
so I wanted to bring out a video from my competition to show you all what we eat back stage!
it’s may not be exactly what you think, but everyone has their own “go-to” backstage goodies!


Chit chat:
Any similar updates in your life!? :]

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